Monday, February 1, 2016

Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Hello peopleZ,

Ahaaaaaannnn!!! Look who has come to visit blog. I know why baby. This giveaway brought you here haan! Cool stuff!

Before we get into giveaway, let's talk a bit.



But, let me at least thank sponsors and I guess you all should too thank them that they care about our small community and have given us such amazing gifts. Thanks to everyone to support me and sponsor these beautiful prizes to my people. 

So, let's just start this.

Here is the giveaway comprising beautiful stuff worth PKR 8000. If you haven't seen the giveaway, check out the Instagram account. 

Go crazy!

The Prizes

Unlike previous giveaways, this time we will have THREE Lucky Winners.

First Prize: 9Lines Tshirt, 9Lines King notebook, Asos Earrings, Hair Dryer, Hair Rollers, Born Pretty Statement Necklace and hawai (flying) hug

Second Prize: Marilyn Monroe silk top, Black Classical Pendant, Silver Clutch, Its Flop Shop Diary and hawai pappi

Third Prize: Crochet colorful vest, Its Flop Shop diary, Hat pendant, Born Pretty reindeer necklace and hawa only

Bonus: You don't need to win this prize, it's open for all my readers and followers. You can avail 10% discount at Born Pretty. Use the code NYDT10 at the checkout and get 10% discount on your bill.

Terms & Conditions

1) As usual you need to be a chain smoker. Kidding bro!

2) You must be in love. That's mandatory, I am not kidding! (You can love anyone, your mum or sister)

3) This giveaway starts on 1st February 11:59 pm and will remain on for 15 days i.e. till 15th February 11:59 pm.

4) The winner will be announced on 17th and if I would be suffering from laziness then it's not gonna happen on time. But, you all will bombard my inbox if I am gonna delay, so I'd do it on time.

5) Winners will be selected through a random draw and will be announced in a blog post here on the blog. (of course with a long thank you note kind of thing)

6) The giveaway is open internationally. 

7) There are a few items of the giveaway that I have received, but there are some that I haven't received from the sponsors and they are likely to ship the prize on their own. I do not take the responsibility of any sort of back out or change of products. 

8) I am not going to display any sort of list of entries or of people who qualified to enter. It's your responsibility to do all the steps properly and carefully.  

How to Murder? Oops! I meant Enter 

1) Follow blog's Facebook page Here

2) Follow blog's Instagram account Here

3) Share giveaway picture from blog's Facebook page (from Here) to your personal profile. (Make sure you share that publicly).

4) Repost giveaway away picture from blog's Instagram account (from Here) to your account.

5) Follow Born Pretty Instagram account Here

5) Once you are done with all the four steps, come back to this post and comment 'Done'. 

6) If you want more entries, you can tag friends on blog's facebook giveaway picture and Instagram giveaway picture. Once you tag your friends, you can come back here on this post again and comment 'I have tagged my friends on Facebook/Instagram'. It's not mandatory, it's just for additional entries.

7) Comments like wow, sweet, awesome, I love you, you love me, will you marry me, I will marry you won't be considered for entries.

Just go step by step and you will be done in 2 minutes. 

All the best kids!



  1. Done Instagram:@shaimarehmani Facebook:@ShaimaRehmani

  2. Done..
    Facebook: Mahwish Imtiaz
    Instagram: @mahwish.imtiaz

  3. I have tagged my friends on Facebook and on Instagram as well...

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    1. Please mention your name so that my team can track whether you have done all the steps or not.

  5. Done
    Ig: sanadd89
    Facebook: Sana A. Qadir Tabani

  6. Tagged Friends on Facebook n Instagram

  7. Done everything and I love each and every present..hope to win,fingures are crossed! But if I don't win still I support all the participants best of luck everybody..also tagged my friends on faceboom and insta,,,followed born pretty store and I am gonna share these pictures on my facebook page as well for my followers :* love you Nyda best of luck my girl.

    1. Palwasha thanks a lot. You are so amazing. Your support means a lot! Love you back. Hawai pappi!

  8. 'I have tagged my friends on Facebook/Instagram'.

  9. 'I have tagged my friends on Facebook/Instagram'.

  10. Done!
    Shared on fb, reposted on insta. Tagged my friends on fb and insta as well. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway :-)

  11. Done i'm tagging my frnds insta/fb shared n reposted :-)

  12. Done!!
    Facebook: Zahra S. Kazmi
    Instagram: @Zahrakazmi5
    I have tagged my friends on f.b and instagram. 😊☺
    Wow, so sweet, you love me na 😜😝😛😄

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  14. Tagged MY friends...
    DONEE <3
    Inssta : aruba_bblogger
    Facebook : Aruba Nasir khan
    GFC :Aruba Khan


  15. Tagged frndz on fb and instagram
    Insta: Mishalqureshi03
    Fb:Mishal Qureshi

  16. I have tagged my friends on Facebook/Instagram
    Done all steps successfully
    My insta name : libranadia87
    Fb name : Nadia asghar Ali

  17. My fb :Ayesha Irum
    My insta:ayeshairum202
    Shared post and tagged friends on both accounts.

  18. My fb :Ayesha Irum
    My insta:ayeshairum202
    Shared post and tagged friends on both accounts.

  19. done :) i have tagged my friends as well. done with all steps. insta id @instamaria.j fb id: maria ahmed. gfc: mariajutt

  20. Hahahha
    Yes m a chain smoker in dreams :p
    I lov my mum sisters
    & i murdered myself :p
    Following u on fb as Fayynum Anum Fayyaz
    and insta as Fayynumi
    Tagged frnds on both handles
    Ty for the opportunity
    And in the last
    Will u marry me ? 😂😂😂

    1. Love your comment Fayynum ;)
      All the best jigs!

  21. hahhhaa love the way you posted it .. btw
    M A CHAIN SMOKER( i smoke my hubs brain everyday ) + MURDERER ( love to kill mosquitoes ) + Will you marry me ( well thats me n my not so funny side ???? :p

    Following u everywhere n posted n harassed (tagged my friends )

    m Sana@makeupoholics ( naam tu suna hoga ) ;)

    1. Haha Sana, you should get double entry to entertain me with your awesome comment :)
      Good luck girl!

  22. Done. Fingers crossed ✌✌

  23. Done tagging at FB and Insta ��

  24. 1) Facebook: Isma BBlogger

    2) Instagram:

    3) Shared publicly on Facebook:

    4) Reposted on Intagram:

    5) DONE

    6) I have tagged my friends on Facebook/Instagram.

    7) Fingers Crossed :P

  25. Done insta as Nida Khero
    Fb as Nida Farooq Khero

  26. Done
    Tagging block on both side I'm tagging my friends after my tagging unblock thanks for this awesome giveaway hope to win 😇😇

  27. DONE
    I have tagged my friends on Facebook/Instagram'
    insta= zeemoque

  28. Invited friends on facebook and instagram
    Fb:Mawra Hussain

  29. Invited friends on facebook and instagram
    Fb:Mawra Hussain

  30. insta towhida_sultana
    fb towhida sultana
    invited friends <3 steps done!
    yeah em in love wid my mother since open my eyes. :)

  31. Done all steps successfully
    Also tagged on fb/ not on insta,bec comments on insta r died (blocked)
    Insta handle : rabiamaryamali

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    Insta: beautorgeousworld
    Fb: zee qureshi
    Tagged frnds on fb and insta :)

  33. Ah! I'm late
    liked all pages on fb and insta
    fb @Cydra Ahmed
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    tracking u everywhere :P
    tagged frns on fn and insta :)

  34. Done
    Insta: abeeratanveer
    Tagged my friends on insta and Facebook
    Reposted as well
    P.s I loved your giveaway post its really funny never seen before

    1. Good luck Abeera!
      You should read my rest of the posts, you may like them too :p

  35. done!
    i have shared it on fb n instagram as well...and tagged my friends on fb n insta as well :)
    insta: as_nikki fb: Areej AJ
    oh btw i luvvvvv ur on going personal series ..its never been done before!! will help me in future for sure :D ;)

    1. Good luck Areej!
      Thanks a lot for appreciating and liking my work.
      You seem to be so excited about future ;)

  36. instagram iwardaashraf
    facebook iwardaashraf

  37. can i enter now? i forgot about it :/