Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Recap: Bakeri New Packaging, Inglot Launch, Cadbury Event and much more

Last week was super busy and had a lot of events to attend. Let's see how I spent my week, which events I attended and what I got from different brands.

Monday: Monday was so relaxed and with no work pressure. Everything was so easy and zero stress, so it was cool. I received a parcel, it was sent by Bakeri people. They have upgraded the packaging of their biscuits, so they sent an awesome gift to bloggers to share the news on social media, so I am sharing with you guys. Do check that out. I love Bakeri ka Coconut biscuit. 

Tuesday: Tuesday was totally opposite of Monday. I was literally in an emergency state. A friend of my boy and his wife called me and said that they want to come to my homy to meet me, then I had a lot of articles to write for work and then blog and then preparing some stuff for boy's friend you know tea and wagera wagera. My boy's friend gave me my makeup that my boy has sent me. Yes, it's Benefit Cosmetics!!!! And, I gave him the shirt I bought for my boy. 

Wednesday: Again, after having a rough and tough Tuesday, I had a cool and relaxing Wednesday. I woke up, took shower, got ready and started working. In the evening, I went to attend Avari Towers bloggers meet up that they organized to introduce and promote their Valentine's Day dinner and other things that they have organized (check out this post HERE if you want to know about their V-Day stuff). It was good! I like Avari Towers, been there twice with boy, so it holds a special place in my heart. The food was as usual on top and I also like the people over there. I got to meet fellow bloggers and it was a good meetup.

We did not get to see the poolside set up and Asia Live as we went there two days before the V-Day. We dined at SKY BBQ and I love food over there. It's a buffet comprising all desi and Pakistani dishes including paya, karahi, biryani, gol gappay. 

Thursday: Thursday was super busy. I had a lot of work, plus there was an event. I and my blogger friend Hina went to Inglot launch. 

Inglot's launch was a good event, many celebrities, journalists, bloggers and designers came to attend the event. As far as the makeup is concerned, I am not impressed by it at all. Inglot is overrated, like totally. They had breathable nail polishes that I was excited about the most, but it had such pathetic finesse. Tried some lipsticks, but did not find anything very extra special about it. I also had the chance to get a mini makeover in which the makeup artist used Inglot's primer, base, eye shadows, gel liner, bronzer and highlighter and trust me there was nothing that convinced me to make a purchase. I did not buy anything because I know I can get same quality products in much more lower prices. But, trying out different makeup and meeting fellow bloggers was good. 

More than that, I and Hina had some good time at Buttler's where we had our favorite coffee, hash browns and sausages. 

Friday: Oh, Friday! My favorite day. As I was attending events from last two days, a lot of work was getting delayed. So, my to-do-list was super long for Friday. I woke up, took shower and sat on my lappy (laptop) to quickly tick all the tasks in my list. It was a cool day. I had to write an article about best places for karahi in Karachi and it awakened craving to have some desi food, so I called for seekh kebab for me and family from EatOn. Had ice cream later. Watay fun day!

Saturday: Saturday did not start well. I woke up tired. Just got a few house chores done and began to get ready to go to Cadbury's event. Cadbury organized an activation event at Dolmen Mall to promote their newly launched sub-brand Marvellous Creations. The set up was great and there were games for kids to play and win some gifts. 

They also gave us (I mean bloggers, don't think that I am talking about me and you) an amazing goodie box. It had some chocolates, a mug, a notebook and a tee. I got two different chocolates one was Jelly Poppin Candy and another one was Cookie Gummy Crunch. The later one had a slight taste of cough syrup and it was more like tutti fruti kind of thing and I don't like tutti fruti at all.  Jelly Poppin Candy was better, it had bounties shell in it and every bite was making the sound of crunchy shells of bounties. 

There was another event by Triumph. They launched a new product range and they have some sale going on, so if you would like to check that out, do so. They gave some amazing giveaway. I absolutely love the nail color, it's my favorite shade ever.  


  1. i hated the cough syrup taste it ruined the taste and excitement to try it :/ the nail paint shade is gah gah gargeous <3

  2. I love your writing style, it's so conversational. :)

    1. Ya, and I think people read my posts only because they can connect with me.