Thursday, March 31, 2016

How I Keep My Home Clean

Hello everyone,

I am back on blog after a gap of three days, actually five days if you include my weekly 2-days off. I was super busy and tired in moving in to a new place. Finally, I am all set. In fact, a few things are still lying here and there, but I managed to carve out some time to blog. 

I am still not completely settled down, so I thought to write about something that would not require me to photograph much, so I am writing about how to handle your maid and keep your homy neat and clean. 

I am strictly against of using your maids to get all things done and treat them like a servant. I think in our part of the world, we are lucky to utilize this service. In western world, we hardly see this concept as everyone loves to do all the work on his/her own. I believe, we should only consider our maids as a helper and do not depend on them altogether. 

I have a very young maid and her name is Rabia and I call her Rabia meri dost. We all are very friendly with her and she sometimes even discusses with us how she comes up with different and creative excuses to get an off day. 

I am good at delegating work and keeping a check on it, but I feel so embarrassed and hesitant to question if something is not done properly or to order someone to do something the way I want. I just don't feel good, so I have developed a system to deal with this scenario. 

I have made a list of chores that my maid needs to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I have three different lists that include cleanliness chores that are to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

The tasks in the daily chores list are the things that we do to keep everything presentable and neat and these are the tasks that do not require much time. Of course, no one can allocate a major chunk of their day in cleaning only that too on a daily basis. So, these chores involve basic cleaning and to keep everything organized and presentable. 

The weekly list requires a little bit of time and includes tasks like showering artificial plants, taking out gathered mess from corners so that dirt and mess do not pile up. These tasks are add-ons in daily cleaning chores.  

Monthly tasks of cleaning require a lot of time and serious efforts. But, this is the most important time for your cleaning. It sets foundation for your weekly and daily cleaning. It takes out dirt from every nook and every unimaginable place so that you can just maintain it throughout the month by doing your weekly and daily cleaning tasks.  

I hand over these lists to my maid so that she knows exactly what she needs to do. This way I get my things done without standing over her head. Once she is done with the tasks and if it doesn't need retouches, I mark that task as done. When I don't mark it, she sometimes redo that task or discuss with me or mum if there is any issue. When she performs all the tasks, at the end of the month, we give her some sort of a gift like a shirt piece or fashion jewelry or anything that she needs. 

This gift is of course is in addition to her monthly salary just to appreciate her. The day I give her gift, she says teacher star do gee ap. She is funny and friendly. 

I always feel satisfied when I clean my home with my own hands. I use this same list when I clean my homy. When I clean after my maid has done the cleaning, it becomes less tiring and requires less efforts. 

This list method is so effective; it tells me what I gotta do and what I am left with. You can make a journal or make a list in a notebook to keep a track of everything. 

Cleanliness is immensely important to me. When everything is clean and organized, I feel super comfortable and peaceful. If you do not use this method, I would highly recommend you to opt for this. 

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  1. This is such a useful post. Your cleaning strategy is SO good.

  2. Wow cool tips.I dont know much about weekly, monthly cleaning tasks of home bcz elder sis ha na.BTW nice post :)

  3. Wow cool tips.I dont know much about weekly, monthly cleaning tasks of home bcz elder sis ha na.BTW nice post :)

  4. I never thought of making a list of such things. I guess, we usually confined this strategy and management concepts to business and other major areas of life, but now after reading this post I think such concepts can be utilized in everything you do. Your every post is changing my life and provide me with amazing information. I love your blog!

  5. Very useful post. Never thought of making daily, weekly and monthly list. I and my sister share these task o cleaning, I'll share this post with her :)

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