Thursday, March 17, 2016

Things I Fancy (February Edit)

Monthly Favorites

It's time of the month, when I reveal and talk about all the products that drove me crazy. Here are my most favorite products that have been my favorite throughout the month of February. So, leZzz just start it. 

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Face Primer

You know, I rarely use makeup, after using this primer, I was shocked how drastically makeup can change your look. This is not a product man, this is heaven! Seriously, the best primer ever. It completely evens out my skin and all the pores disappears like a magic. Its job not only restricted to reduce pores like other primers, but it also adds a layer of sheer shine on your face. Also, what I truly love about this primer is its light weight formula. It does so much yet feels like you have applied nothing on your face. A hawai pappi for this primer. 

Porefessional Primer

Mustela Cleansing Water

This is something might be new as I didn't talk much about it on socia media platfoms, but yes, I remember, I did share its picture when I received this product along with other stuff from the brand. 

This cleansing water is no less than a miracle. I have stated it before and reiterating that I love using baby care products. I beleive that these products have less chemicals and can work wonders for your skin. 

I use this cleansing water in place of toner and it completely clears up your skin and makes it crystal clear. It takes off all the residue and left over makeup that your cleanser could not take off. Also, what I noted after using this is that my blackheads reduced exceptionally and this is the most important reason that made me a fan of this product. Thumbs up, you Musteal babes!

Born Pretty Rings

Oh man! These rings are awesome and it seems like I have married them. Wherever I go or whenever I dress up, these rings have to be a part of my look. Both the sets that I showed you guys in one of my posts (missed it? see it here) are absolutely fashion-forward and I love to wear them.  

Knuckle RIngs

Ego Sandals

I guess, I don't need to talk about it, you can see it all over my insta and almost in every picture I am wearing these sandals. These have been my absolute favorite. I even did a post on these that you can check out here

Flat Sandals

Truck Art Plate and Mug

I wanted to have some unique and stylish (of course in my own way) plates in my crockery for so long and when I saw these, I immediately decided to grab them. This plate and mug are very desi and colorful. These are from Gul Khan Truck Art. They have their website and they stock an array of stuff all done with the theme of truck art. Check out their website here

Gul Khan Shop

Mum said the paint will disappear if you are going to wash it a lot, but I have been eating every meal on this plate and washing it every time (if I could, I would even eat air on this palte, watay lame joke), but it did not affect the paint. I love you Gul Khan, I mean, your products. 


  1. Wow! That primer is a must try for me now. As for the rings, they are beautiful. Great post and pictures.

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. I am sure, you are going to like the primer :) Thanks for appreciating everything :)

  2. These rings are beautiful! I know you shared in one of your posts that Benefit Cosmetics stuff are sent to you by your boy, I can see why you like these ahem ahem :)
    I also heard a lot about these primers, but these are so expensive.

    1. haha no, this one is really good! and yes, it is very expensive

  3. Wow benefit primer is my favourite and my mum's too.loving the truck art plate and cup.These r so cute.

    1. Yes, I guess it would be every person's fav who uses it :)

  4. I love the truck art plate and mug. What do they cost? Recently, a friend has gifted me some truck art coasters and I love them!

    Fatima |

    1. the small plate is of 500 and bigger one is 1000. You can check it on their website. I have given the link.

  5. Plate and mug look super awesome. I want these too

  6. Nice post and pictures. I like born pretty rings and Ego sandals. Thanks for sharing the collection.
    fashion Haul