Friday, March 11, 2016

My Ego in My Feet

I don't love shoes as much as I love clothes, But yes, I cannot ignore the importance of having some awesome pair of sandals. A good pair of casual slippers is a must for your wardrobe. And, it is for this reason, this pair of neon bow sandals was under my radar for so long. Let me share my story how I got these slippers. 

I had my eyes on this pair of slippers right when Ego introduced them and added these in their collection. It was of 2700 at that time. I so wanted them, but then I thought that 2700 rupees for a casual pair of slippers is a lot so I left it. After some time, when Ego announced its sale, I checked out and its price reduced to 1700. I so was about to buy it, but my mum made a sort of face when I was trying these that signaled me that something is wrong with these. My mum only makes faces and doesn't say anything to me because she knows that if she is going to restrain me from buying anything, I will lie flat on the main road and will start crying, which of course is a situation she would not like to be in. So after watching her face, I tried to make my heart understand that no baby no, not now. And you know what, after a few days, I found out that the price of these slippers is further reduced to 1100 and at that time I knew that I can buy it and no one can stop me. 

I love its color, its amazing and adds a pop of color in a simple look. Also, the bow over it makes it look very girly and bubbly. I enjoy wearing them a lot. 

I think, we all should be a little patient and buy stuff from sale, especially such items like casual slippers and bags. I am not saying that you should buy all the things from sale, but the sale season is perfect to shop for bags, shoes and other accessories. Shirts and dresses are usually sold out at the time they are launched with the collection and brands rarely remake an already done piece. 

These are available in powder blue color at daraz here. But, I don't like these in blue. 


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment Nyda! :)
    Nice yellow neon shoes!

  2. Believe me dear they are really cute.Clr and design so simple yet cute.Em loving them.Hahaha yes i agree with u buying shoes,begs and other such kinda stuff from sale is really healthy for our( girl's) wallet;)

  3. These slipper are really pretty and all the pictures are really nice :*

  4. These actually look good on your feet with red nail paint. Not really that attractive without you wearing them. Seriously!

    Fatima |

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