Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Food Post: Favorite Drink and Its Recipe

It's been quite long that I left drinking soda drinks. Pespies I mean Pepsi, coke and 7-up are a big no-no for me. We all know that carbonated drinks are so bad for our health, but could not muster up the courage to leave them.

It was difficult for me too, but when I discovered this healthy alternative to soda drinks, I finally quit drinking them. I make this Mint Lemonade that is a perfect alternative of soda drink. You will like it instantly if you are a fan of 7-up and Sprite. 

On Sunday, I made this drink and shared its picture on Facebook and all of you began to cry mama we need this too and asked me to share its recipe. So, here I am sharing the recipe with you people. It's super duper easy to make. In fact, don't count making this drink as one of your chores. Please no. okay? okay!

Here is what you need to make this drink.


  • Mint leaves (10 to 12 for a glass)
  • Lemon juice (I use the juice of one and a half lemon to make me a glass of this drink)
  • Black Pepper (Just a pinch or two)
  • Salt (Just a pinch or two)
  • Sugar (according to taste)
  • water (a glass)
  • Ice cubes (as required)


Now you want me to do the method? Babes, there is no method, it so simple that it's method-less.

Put all these ingredients in the blender and blend it for 2 minutes and you are done.

If crushed mint leaves is something you do not want in your drink, you can always get rid of them by separating them with the help of a tea filter. Although, I recommend you to leave them in your drink as these are super beneficial for your health and skin.

How's that?

Cool na?


  1. very cooool, perfect for summers, will try for sure! xx

  2. Yeah cooool! Thanks 4 sharing mama;)

  3. Oh, this is super easy! Will try tomorrow morning :)

  4. This looks awesome! I cannot really quit carbonated drinks but I just have it once in a week. I love drinks with mint leaves so this is a Mus try!

    Fatima |