Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: My Annual Hair Treatment

If you are thinking about getting re-bonding done or considering to opt for any other hair treatments, this post is going to serve you the most. I consider myself a champ in this regard (let me be in this bubble of credulity). In this week's wishlist, I am going to talk about my annual hair treatment that I get done.

Why Did I Opt for Hair Treatment?

I was born with very luscious soft curly hair. My mane had fuller, thick and healthy hair on it; until, we moved to a place where there was sea water only. That water destroyed my hair to an extent that going out in my natural texture became so embarrassing for me. As I mentioned I had very fuller and thicker hair, straightening it every time I had to go out was quite a gigantic task for me. I totally avoided going out and stopped going to parties and meeting people.

When Did I First Treated My Hair?

I never wanted to re-bonding because it makes your face poker and gives you dead straight hair. Also, in re-bonding, you cannot curl or blow dry your hair; whereas, in other relaxing and straightening treatments you can style your hair the way you want to. So, in 2010, I got CHI straightening treatment done from Peng's salon.

What Sort of Different Treatments I Have Opted For?

Let me state a fact here. Once you get a treatment done, it becomes extremely daunting to live without it. The convenience that treated hair give you (no usage of heat and tools and no time waste in blow dry) will always make you to want to opt for it. This is the reason why I prefer getting my hair done every year. Over the Years, I have tried different treatments and I am going to list down all these treatments below, places from where I got these done and its prices.

  • First Time: CHI Straightening from Peng's in 25000 lasted for almost 2 years.
  • Second Time: CHI Straightening from Najla's in 16,000 lasted for a year.
  • Third Time: L'oreal Xtenso from Hina Y in 15,000 lasted for 9 months hardly.
  • Fourth Time: L'oreal Xtenso from Peng's in 19,000 lasted for 7 months hardly.
  • Fifth Time: L'oreal Xtenso from Serenity Spa and Salon lasted for 5 months.

Which One I Found The Best?

So far my first experience was the best one, the CHI treatment that I got done from Peng's. They chraged me 25,000 including home care products. It did not cause any detrimental effect on my hair and lasted for a very long period of time. I got it done, when it was first introduced in Pakistan and no one even knew about it. Now, no salon offers CHI straightening treatments. They do have CHI relaxing treatment but that only removes frizz from your hair and does not straighten it. It was so expensive, but my brother paid for this, so it didn't hurt me, I mean, my wallet. After that, the second experience of Najla's was also good. But Hina Y and Serenity, both were really bad.

What's In My Wishlist This Time?

When I went to Depilex for my makeover both the times for FPW and BCW, they used L'oreal's xtenso hair care products on my hair because my hair was treated with xtenso. It truly changed the texture of my hair and made my strands silky and soft. Also, when I talked to hair experts over there, they told me that if I am going to get xtenso done from them, they will first do a test on a few strands to see how my hair will react and then they will recommend how to go about it. This really impressed me and convinced me that my hair would be in the safe hands. So, I decided to get it done from Depilex and they quoted freaking 27,000 for my length. This is a lot of money and I was not prepared to spend this much amount on my hair this time, but I also don't want to take a risk with my hair. Now I am all focused in accumulating money for this purpose ASAP. The more time I am going to take in accumulating the amount, the more damage I would cause to my hair by using tools and expose my mane to heat.

Have you guys ever opted for such treatments? Where did you get it done from and how was your experience? I would love to know your experience.



  1. Oh man! You have so much experience of treated hair :)
    It's such a blessing to have smooth and frizz free hair; otherwise, i would be spending this much money too.
    It's a very useful post for someone who is considering getting this done.

  2. such a nice detailed and helpful post dear

  3. I am also thinking to get Xtenso done, but 27K is a lot of money. Looking for other affordable options.

    1. Ya Kinxa, 27K is a lot, but don't want to take a risk now.

  4. If you have any options do share

    1. I told you all the places from where I got it done. Najla's is better, you can go for it.

  5. You have so much knowledge and experience abt hair treatments .. great post dear ♡♡

  6. Nyda, i would really like to suggest you to check a treatment from my Khala's parlor. Sundus always get her treatment done from there and trust me she never regrets. You can ping me for details :D

    1. Oh this would be awesome. I'll get in touch with you. First, let me accumulate some money :)

  7. Hello Nida. Thanks for this detailed blog on hair treatment.Have tried any recent hair treatment such as Keratin or hair botox? Could you please suggest any long lasting hair treatment available currently in any of the khi salaons that can last long on frizzy and dry treated hair?

  8. Thanks for the detailed blog on hair treatment. Have you tried any hair treatment such as Keratin or hair botox recently? Could you please suggest any of the khi salons that are offering long lasting treatments for treated frizzy and dry hair?