Monday, August 29, 2016


Writing Journal

Caution: This post may bore you and cause you to fall asleep immediately, but it is important if you are looking for ways to improve your life in one way or other. Recently, I found my immense interest in wellbeing and took a number of steps to improve my lifestyle, my health and my wellbeing. When I recently noted that I am keeping a really hectic and busy schedule, I realized that I rarely have time to sit quietly and do something productive or even think about doing something. That’s when I thought to do journaling.

Actually, I have been reading a lot about keeping a journal and its benefits and wanted to start this practice, but was so unable to carve out time to do that. On Friday, while I was coming back home from my office, I stopped at a bookstore and bought a notebook and some colored pens to start journaling.

They say, journaling helps in reducing stress and depression and initially, it was the reason I wanted to start journaling. Right now, I am much better and recovering from stress. In fact, I have recovered and just altering my lifestyle to make it healthier and to block all the ways for the depression and stress to come back.

What I feel when I write in my journal?

It’s been three days that I am journaling and I usually do this before I go to sleep. Whenever, I open my journal to write, I feel:
  • I feel my world has slowed down
  • I feel peace
  • I begin to feel instead of thinking and this engages my heart and not my mind
  • I feel I have a friend 

Writing Journal

What I write in my journal?

Instead of writing daily happenings and what I did throughout the day, I allow my heart to feel and write whatever it feels. It usually brings positive and good things and as I write them down I thank God to giving me a life worth living.

It’s just the start and I don’t know how this writing thing is going to evolve over the period of time. Currently, I write pointers and very short lines to show and express what I feel. 

Writing Journal

Some Benefits of Keeping a Journal! 

As I said, I have been reading about keeping a journal and its benefits for quite some time, so I am sharing some of the benefits one can reap from regular journaling.
  • Unlike people, pages are always available to share your feelings, thoughts, desires and emotions, so write and jot down what you feel
  • It’s a sort of meditation. When you sit down to write, you learn to focus and reflect your thoughts
  • Your journal can be your inspiration. You can write quotes that inspire and goals that you want to achieve
  • It can be your emotional dumping ground, where you can take out all your frustrations
  • Your journal can help you improve your life. When you sit down to write today’s journal and reads yesterday’s post, you find where you missed the direction and what you have to improve to achieve your goals
  • You get to know about yourself and become more aware of your personality
  • It discovers your potential to write
  • It reduces stress and depression

What you should not do while journaling?

These benefits may be tempting and you would immediately want to start journaling, but there are a few things that you should not do while you write or maintain a journal.

Never force yourself for journaling! There are so many benefits of journaling, but don’t force yourself. You won’t be able to reap all these benefits until you do it with your heart. If you don’t feel like it, don’t do it. Also, there is no rule that you have to do it every day. Write when you want and skip when you don’t feel like.

Don’t write negative opinion about someone or yourself! You can share your problems and what’s hurting you, but don’t write a negative comment about yourself or about someone else.

It’s just a start of my journaling habit and I don’t know how far I am going to go with it. Do you keep a journal or something? Share with me what do you think of this journaling thing.


  1. Very good blog! I started journaling but couldn't continue it due to my busy schedule. But I often write the important things happened during the day in my diary as a memory! :)

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