Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All About Waxing

Okay, so I decided to talk about this topic, when I posted on my Insta, a story about my recent visit to the salon and told you guys that I am going for waxing. After that I got so many questions from you people asking what sort of waxing do I get done and how often do I get it done. So, here I am answering all the questions through this post. By the way, if you are not following me on Instagram, you should do so, here is the link Instagram.  

What Sort of Waxing Do I Get Done?

I go to get my waxing done almost every month (saying almost because sometimes I go after 2 months). I have been getting my waxing done since last four years (roughly) and each time I go, I get it done from the same girl and with the same sort of wax. I get my waxing done using Rica Wax. Rica is a sort of Italian wax and is said to be more effective than any other wax. 

How Often Do I Get My Waxing Done?

I used to get my whole body waxed every month till last year, but now, over the period of time, the hair growth has decreased so much that I don't need to go for full body wax every month. Now I only get my arms and face waxed regularly and get my full body waxed every alternate month. 

Benefits of Rica Wax

I started getting my wax done with normal wax, but luckily, in the very start, I was recommended by my salon girl to get it done with Rica wax. I was told a few benefits of Rica wax and with time, I actually noticed these benefits. Here are some great advantages of Rica wax:

  • It reduces hair growth to a greater extent
  • It reduces in-grown hair
  • It does not cause rashes and any sort of side effects
  • It has superior hair gripping power and removes even the thinnest and smallest hair strand

I did not state these benefits because I have been paid. This is my personal experience and I really noticed these benefits. Of course, you cannot notice reduction in hair growth and in-grown hair immediately, but sticking to this type of wax will surely show you good results.

Types of Hair Removal Method I Have Ever Tried

Besides Rica wax, I have also tried hair removal cream and normal wax and here is what I think about these two methods. 

Hair Removal Cream: In my teenage, hair on my arms used to bother me a lot and I started removing hair of my arms with a hair removal cream. Though, the process was very convenient and easy, but it did not show me good results. I used to feel itchiness as well as used to get very thick and pointed hair. Also, the results of cream do not last longer, you begin to get hair again just after two or three days of the procedure. 

Normal Wax: Before using Rica wax, I used to get my waxing done with normal wax. I used normal wax for about a year, but I never noticed any reduction in hair growth. I also used to get a lot of in-grown hair with the normal wax.   

Tips to Reduce Pain or How I Take Care of My Skin After Waxing 

No matter which sort of waxing you may use, you are bound to feel the pain. There are many reviews about Rica wax in which people say that Rica is less painful than normal wax, well, I don't agree with this. Both the types are equally painful. However, with the passage of time, you get used to of this and it does not hurt as it does when you opt for it for the first time. I know a few tips that can reduce pain, though, I can shamelessly admit that I don't follow most of these tips.

  • Scrub your body before your waxing appointment
  • Wash your body with slightly warm water to open pores
  • Use oil or moisturizing cream immediately after the waxing process
  • Don't wear tight and skin hugging clothes for a day or two

I follow only the last two points because they require little or no effort. I don't do first two because of my laziness.

Charges of Rica Waxing

Rica waxing has so many advantages, but the only thing that you may not find appealing about it (that of course minus the pain it causes) is its pricing. As compared to the normal wax, Rica waxing is slightly expensive. For my waxing, I go to Serenity Spa and Salon and get my waxing done from Sana and for a full body wax, they charge me 3500, but they do offer 20% discount if you pay through standard chartered card, so I end up paying less than this amount. They also offer 30% discount from time to time, which further reduces the charges.  

So, this is all I have to share. I hope you got the answer of your question. If you want to know anything else, comment below and I'll surely get back to you. 



  1. great reveiew i heared first time Rica wax it sounds great

  2. It sound amazing I haven't try Rica Wax but I will finger crossed

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  3. nice heard 1 time abt this wax :) i love the tips to reduxe pain love u for that <3 :*

  4. whats the difference between fruit wax n rica wax?

  5. I've heard a lot about Rica. Actually the one that's available in a stick so its really convenient and doesn't create a mess when waxing at home.

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  6. Seriously i never heard this thing before. Thanks for such great information.

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