Wednesday, October 19, 2016

BB Cream Review: Garnier vs Pond's vs Color Studio

I know so many girls, who use BB creams on a daily basis. I also think that it’s a good idea to make your face look more presentable. Although, I do not wear makeup (not even BB cream) on a daily basis, but I love to use BB creams, when I have to go out with friends or when I have an important meeting (just don’t want to scare them with my pale face). It’s a great way to create a more presentable look in a shortest span of time. To incorporate a perfect BB cream in my beauty routine, I tried three different brands and today, I am reviewing all these three creams.

The creams that I used include Garnier, Color Studio and Pond’s. I have always used Pond’s BB cream, but an inner urge to find a better option lead me to try Garnier and Color Studio. 


I bought Garnier in light shade and Color Studio in medium shade; whereas, with Pond’s, you don’t have to juggle with the shade as it comes only in one shade. You can see the swatches in the below picture.

POND'S: I absolutely love Pond’s shade as it is so close to my natural shade and I can easily blend it with my MM foundation for a lighter-than-foundation and more-than-BBCream look.

Color Studio: After Pond’s, I like Color Studio, but not as much as I like Pond’s. The shade of color studio is so light and doesn’t look natural. It really looks well after applying Color Studio Face Powder, but you can’t use it alone. Also, its application makes dark spots prominent and makes that area grayish.

Garnier: The shade of this BB cream was really light, but it didn't bother me much because it didn't do anything to my skin like no coverage, no smoothness at all. I bought it from a normal store and it does not even mention where it is made. but has its description and details written in Arabic. 

Coverage, Blending and Lasting Power

After shade, the most important thing is to see how well a BB cream covers your skin to give you a flawless look and how long it lasts.

Pond's: This BB cream just smoothes your skin and provides you a good canvas to apply face powder. You can't fully cover your dark circles, dark spots or blemishes with this cream. You always need to apply a good face powder to get a good finished look. Application of this BB cream with a good face powder lasts up to 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

Color Studio: Its coverage is better than Pond's, but yest, it looks fake and gives you a very whitish complexion (like English people). After applying its own face powder, I get a very smooth and flawless look. I have always used this BB cream with the face powder of the same brand and it lasts up to 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours.      

Garnier: It does not cover anything. It's coverage is zero! The only thing it does to my skin is that it adds a little bit glow. When it doesn't do anything, how would I know how long it lasts. 

Overall, I love both Pond's and Color Studio, but would prefer Pond's over Color Studio as I mentioned that Color Studio BB Cream gives a fake look, so that makes me use it less. Otherwise, I love both of these. Garnier was a disaster! 

That's all I had to share and I hope that this post will help you out if you are planning to buy any of these. Also, let me know if you have an otherwise experience of using one of these or all of these. 


  1. Amazing review! I, too use Pond's BB Cream and it's absolutely amazing!

  2. wow, thanks for reviewing these products! too bad i've got too many scars to use bb creams - i tend to stick with foundations which have a higher coverage! X

  3. Thanku for this :)
    Exactly garnier is not good it is useless

  4. Apparently, Colour Studio looks better. I've tried Garnier when it was launched and it felt very cakey. Didn't quite like it.
    For me, Even Better by Clinique is best.

    Fatima |

  5. This is such a nice review. You are discussing every BB cream together and it just simply makes the decision easy. I would like to use Color Studio. Heard great reviews about it.

  6. thanks for review i ill definately try ponds

  7. wah very nice i alos like ponds color or garnire, color studio looks fake thmx for sharing <3

  8. I love pond's so much i wear it everyday to college cause its not heavy at all and has spf30 which is the best thing about it! I've never tried colorstudio or garnier but colorstudio has always kind of disappointed me. My friend tried their foundation and she didn't like it at all