Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Trend Report: Lace-Up Ballet & Slide-Ons

Today, I am doing my Tuesday Trend report with Stylo. Just a few days back, I got a shopping voucher from Stylo, I even updated you guys about it in my weekending post

When I went to utilize my voucher, I picked up some great and on-trend shoes and I can’t wait to discuss details about my shopping with this brand and these two trends. So, let’s just get into this.

Lace Up Ballet Flats

The first pair of shoes that I bought and that is super duper in these days is lace-up ballet flat. We all know that ballet pumps were in fashion last year and now we have a little variation in its design. This year, lace shoes and everything with tying and lace details (think chokers and belts) is the in thing. Taking inspiration from lace up heels, our traditional and conventional ballet shoes went under transformation and now they are in feet of every fashion girl with the addition of laces.


When I saw these shoes at Style, I immediately decided to buy these. These are dark black in color and is upper surface is made up of velvet fabric. The laces of these shoes are so fine and do not hurt you. This pair adds great style in my look and I am currently obsessed with these.



Another pair that I bought is a slide-on slippers. This is also something that is everywhere around us and almost every fashionista is sporting it. I thought it would be a great addition to my casual sandals, so I got these. These are comfortable and perfect to add something cool in your casual look. What I really loved about these is its rose gold color.


  1. I like these lace shoes, but could not find them on their website.

  2. The black lace shoes are so pretty.

  3. i like the 2 one, i dnt like noke waly shoes lol they dosn suits me :( but bht zada sare bukles mje achy lgty hain :)