Wednesday, November 23, 2016

5 Things from Doctor Strange We all Wish to be True

A movie about super hero is all about super powers that these heroes posses and most of the times, these powers seem so unworldly. However, when I went to watch Doctor Strange, I found not one or two but many instances, where I felt that these moments should be (must be) in real life too. So, I am sharing all my thoughts with you guys and want to know if you feel the same. 

The Wi-Fi Password Scene

Evvvvverywhere I go, evvvvverywhere! Like, everywhere. Whether it is a restaurant, a cafe, or to my cousins' place, I have to ask for Wi-Fi password. Why can't we all be so civilized and so gentle to each other that we write the password on a card and keep it ready at all times to hand over it to our guests. After all we are not savages! 

Doctor Strange's Collection of Watches

Even though the car he drove in the movie was shadeed sexy too, but I am totally drooling over his amazing collection of watches. Who wouldn't want such a collection? And the way they were all lying in a drawer, so organized (like a sughar bahu keeps her wardrobe) and so luxe! 

Doctor Strange Teleportation Power

In the movie, Doctor Strange is moving from one country to another in a blink of an eye with the help of his teleportation power. Bhae, I am in a long distance relationship and you can clearly imagine why I need this power. Also, I was thinking that even if I have teleportation power in real, I would still be late. 

Doctor Strange's Power to Undo an Actions

Just like we use 'control Z' in our computer, in the movie, Doctor Strange also had the power to undo an action. While our control z is only restricted to a few of the software that we use, Doctor Strange was undoing massive destruction in the movie. Of course, when we see all of this, we wish to have same caliber of power in our control z. 

Chris Hemsworth Appearance in Sequel's Glimpse in the End

If you are a marvel fan, there would be many instances in the movie, where you would miss Thor and you wish if he were in the movie. And, when in the end, he appears in the sequel glimpses, I just couldn't believe that it's actually going to be true, but after some time. Hawwww hai!  


  1. haha I'm laughing out loud. It's hilarious but true to the core. I need teleportation power the most!

  2. Lol the wifi password scene! It sounds hilarious!! :D

    1. Yeah, it was! Do watch the movie and lemme know how you find it :)

  3. Thorrrr I need thor in this movie!