Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Benefit Cosmetics: Primer, Tint & Mascara Review

Hello girlfriends,

In today's post, I am talking about makeup. Remember long ago, I shared with you guys that my boy has sent me some Benefit cosmetics? No? Yeah, I know, it was long ago. Anyways, I am finally reviewing some of the products today.

I have heard a lot about Benefit Cosmetics, so I was really excited to try the stuff out. As I am not a pro at makeup and just started wearing it, I was a little apprehensive in trying these things out. Like, I didn't know how to use Bene Tint. So, I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and tried these things out. So, let's just see how these things behaved with me. Were they good or were they bad, find out below.

Primer: The Porefessional

It's the first time, I have ever used a primer. Actually, I didn't even know what a primer is before I got my hands on these. This primer is famous all over the globe and if you google about it, on an average, you will find positive reviews about it. I also found this as an amazing product.

I like the aunty on its packaging and its minty color. It just makes everything so fun and happy. Its texture is so soft and velvety. I won't say that you just need a small amount of it to cover your face because that's not true. A small amount won't cover your face. So, I apply it quite generously (not really) on my face. As soon as I apply and begin to massage in upward motion, it feels like it is a powder kind of a thing, but it's not. It really fills up pores and gives smooth and soft skin to apply makeup. 

Bene Tint

This is one of the most unique products. Its packaging and application, everything about it is so unique. This tint is in a liquid form and comes in a bottle and has a brush to apply it. It feels a little awkward applying lip tint with the help of a brush because it almost gives you a feeling as if you are applying a nail paint. 

As it is a tint, I don't get a dark color on my lips, it just gives me a tinted affect. Same goes for cheeks, I apply it over my cheeks with brush and then massage it and it gives a very natural pinkish glow. It's perfect for casual look or when you want to create a no-makeup look.

Mascara: They're Real

Hands on, this is an amazing mascara. Want to take your lashes to great heights? Try this one out. I only apply it on my upper lashes (because I don't know how to apply on lower lashes) and it makes my lashes thicker, darker and longer.

Also, it stays on for so long and doesn't come off easily. The mascara that I have been using before this one used to clump my lashes, but this one is great as it doesn't clump my lashes. It's wand is quite long that can help you if you are new to makeup, but may irritate you if you are a pro. 

Overall, my experience of using these products by Benefit Cosmetics was quite good. I am especially in love with the primer and mascara. The tint is great too but as it is only for casual look, I find it a little less effective.   


  1. Wow Benefits! You took so long to review these. I have already bought my makeup and now I have no budget for these but you are enticing me to a whole new level.

    1. I know man! I feel you, but just be easy on yourself, you can always buy it later when you really need some new makeup :)

  2. aunty lol :D ye primers foundation base bb cream, ye sb ek he hain bs mj jesy masoom logo ko confuse krny k tareekay nikalty rehtu hain log :(

    1. Haha I used to think the same until I actually began to use these things.