Saturday, November 26, 2016


Hi you all,

I have noticed that the weeks in which my Saturday is on and I have to go to work pass really quickly as compared to those weeks in which I have my Saturday off. Why you do this God? Anyways. This week passed quickly and you know why, its my working Saturday. Sigh. But, good thing is that tomorrow is off, yayyyy! 

The whole week was really busy. I had like immense pressure of work. the only good thing that happened was this parcel of Orglow Mask. I bought this mask online from Salina Cosmetics and was so excited to try this. I got it last week and tried it over the weekend. Will share its detailed review soon.

Also, I tried this nail paint by L.A Colors. I got this from long ago along with a beauty blender and eye shadow palette, which I already reviewed (see here and here). 

I never wore this color on my nails before and knew that it is not going to suit me, that's why I delayed trying it out. but last week, i felt the sudden urge to try it, so took it out and paint my nails with it. It was not that bad actually. I mean the texture an finish is good, I am just talking about the color.  

I also cleaned my room thoroughly on Sunday and kept busy in that. Wanted to rest, but cleaning was important too. Glad that I started a new week with a neat and clean room. The week was busy in work with lots of deadlines and tasks to complete. Still, I managed to go to the launch event of Physiogel, which I am going to blog about soon. 

Now, the week has ended and it's time to rest and enjoy (only for a day sadly). I am excited for the coming week because I have lots of events, not lots of, actually two (two are lots of for me). I got this invite from Fair and Lovely, they have this event on Monday related to their foundation launch or something. Also, there is this amazing thing Bradri Broadcast that is happening on Wednesday.

I am dying to take some time off on Sunday, rest and enjoy so that I can start a new week freshly. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and stay happy shappy :) . 


  1. You and Zhalay are looking so cute. I so want a review on this mask. Heard a lot about this.

    1. Thanks Kinxa! I will review it real soon.