Monday, December 5, 2016

Beauty Essentials for Winter Season

Today, I am kicking off Winter Week with a post related to beauty because this is something we all care about the most.

We all want to look good every single day, all year long. And, to do that we take care of our skin and hair. As the season changes, we must update and alter our beauty routine accordingly. When weather began to shift, I also updated my beauty routine and today I am sharing all the beauty essentials you need to spend your winter season without compromising on your flawless look.

Hair Care
Starting from top, our mane needs special attention in the winter season. The most common complain, we get to hear with regard to hair health in the winter season is dandruff. To deal with this issue, the easiest solution is to oil your hair regularly.

Hair Oiling: I oil my hair every weekend in the winter season with this almond oil by Aura Craft. Oiling my hair regularly nourishes my mane and helps me in keeping dandruff at bay. When you oil your hair, it is important that you oil them thoroughly. Applying oil with cotton balls is a handy tip to thoroughly oil your hair. I shared this method of oiling on blog. You can check that out here.

Facial Skin Care

Our skin also needs special attention in the winter season. Chill air wreak havoc on our skin and make it dull, dead and dry. Therefore, moisturizing your skin daily is essential.

Deeply Moisturize Your Face: I never knew about the benefits of deeply moisturizing face until I actually began to do that. I use this pure coconut cream by Pure Desi to deeply moiturize my skin. Ever since I started moisturizing my skin, I felt a noticeable difference in the condition of my skin. Deeply moisturizing face on a regular basis makes your skin soft, supple and smooth. I usually apply this cream before going to sleep and leave it overnight. As I have to go to office, I usually opt for this ritual over the weekends.

Moisturizing Before Makeup: This coconut cream that I use is very greasy and oily, so I cannot use it before applying makeup. It will melt down my makeup. But, I also cannot apply makeup directly onto my bare skin, especially in the winter season. For that, I need something that doesn't make my skin oily, yet moisturize it properly. I use this cream by Five. It's perfect neither oily nor dry, just make my skin soft and smooth.

Lip Care

Who doesn't get parched lips during the winter season? Just like our face, we also need to moisturize our lips to keep them healthy, smooth and fine.

Tinted Lip Balm: If you are like me, who prefers subtle makeup for everyday look, then you would want a lip balm that not only moisturizes your lips but also adds a little bit of color and there is no better option than Baby Lips. I use this for everyday wear to keep my lips hydrated and moisturized. 

Simple Lip Balm: A lip balm with a bit of color like Baby Lips is cool for day or evening look, but you may not like to use it when you are lounging at home in your PJs. So, for night time I use Vaseline. 

Body Care

Moving from face to body, we need to take care of it too. Taking shower with warm water makes skin of our body quite dry and often becomes a cause of itching. To deal with this, we must apply lotion or deep moisturizer on our whole body. I use Body Butter and apply it all over my body after every bath. It's application keeps my body moisturized.

Feet Care

The winter season doesn't even leave our feet. There are so many people around me, especially my mum and dad, who complain about excessively dull and dry heels. Therefore, we must invest in a good foot lotion to keep our feet in a good condition. I use this foot lotion by The Foot Factory to moisturize my feet. 

So, these are some of my beauty essentials that always help me to survive the winter season. I hope this post helps you too as you alter your beauty routine for the sweater weather.

Stay connected for second episode of the Winter Week coming up tomorrow. 


  1. This is very thorough and covered everything. Great post! Looking forward for more winter week posts.

  2. I love using body shop body butters. They are perfect for the winter season and it always manages to keep my skin well nourished.

  3. winter is nearly here and i neeed to gear up for the season. i like these products because they seem to go well with my skin. by the way i really like your blog. keep updating