Friday, December 9, 2016

Cosy Closet for Winter

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog for the third episode of the Winter Week. Today, I am talking about all things fashion and sharing how my wardrobe transforms as we move from warmer weather to the chiller weather.


The winter season calls for paying special attention to our clothes. We wear clothes that can keep us warm and comfortable.

Sweatshirt: I am not a huge fan of layering. Like, I don't prefer wearing a T-shirt, then adding a layer of jacket and then a coat. I feel so burdened with layers of clothes. Also, I'm afraid it can make me look bulky. So, my simple and best formula to keep myself warm is to wear sweatshirts. I love wearing sweatshirts, these have a style of their own, yet these are cosy and warm. I have sweatshirts in both thin fabric as well as in thick wooly fabric. When the weather is harsh, I take out the thick ones and when it's normal, I wear the shirts with thin fabric.


It's time to put all your flip flops and slip-ons to the back burner and wear more covered shoes to keep yourself warm and to protect your feet.

Boots: We don't get extreme weather here in Karachi to wear boots, but who cares. All we need is an excuse to wear these shoes. We don't care, if the temperature is actually dropping or not, as long as it's winter, we can wear these boots.

Shoes: If not boots, then I prefer wearing close shoes(not open from front like flip flops). Oxford shoes or loafers are my favorite. These not only protects your feet but also allow you to wear socks, in case, you feel extra cold.


Gloves, hats and mufflers really look cool in winter and allow you to elevate your style with these things. As I said, we don't really need to wear these accessories in Karachi as we don't get enough cold here, but I loved these accessories and often use them to style my look.

These are some of the changes that are taking place in my closet for the winter season. I hope it gives you inspiration and ideas for your winter wardrobe.

Stay connected and check out the blog tomorrow for another episode of the Winter Week.