Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Home Decoration for Winter

Winter Decor Inspiration

Just like our clothes and beauty essentials, our home also undergoes through change. We usually keep the doors and windows of our home closed to impede cold air as well as keep our fans off. But, all of this doesn't mean that we cannot decorate our home. I do a few things to decorate my homy every winter season. So, let's get into this and see what ideas I have for this chill weather.

Lighting Up Candles and Fairy Lights

I love Candles and the way these tiny things add romantic and peaceful vibes in your space. In summer, lighting up candles may seem a bit odd as it only ends up adding more heat and warmth need, but the winter season is a perfect time to light up candles.

Another option that I recommend is to turn your fairy lights on. I am absolutely mad about lights and collecting different sorts of lights is my hobby. As it is the month of December, a time when the world celebrates Christmas and together with chill season, it just makes sense to add these lights in your space. it gives a festive feeling and looks so cozy in the winter weather.  

Adding White Flowers

Another thing that I do make the atmosphere of my homy wintery is adding white flowers. I don't completely replace all green plants and flowers with whites, but do change them at the key places. Doing this makes everything look like snowy and chill.

Keeping Blankets Organized

We have to take out our blankets and quilts from store and one of the main problems that we face is its storage and how to keep it. If you just have single blanket, you can simply fold it neatly and nicely and keep it on your bed. That's what I do personally. However, if you have more than one, then you can opt for a storage box or something like that is shown in the picture below.  

These are some of the tips to celebrate the winter season in its true spirit. These are the ways I use to personally decorate my home and I think all of these ideas are really easy on pocket and doable. 

Stay connected through this Winter Week Series as tomorrow I am going to share something related to fashion. 


  1. This is nice. I love candles. the last picture of blanket organizer is so cool.

  2. Yeah, this chair turned organizer is really cool. And I love candles too.