Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Decorate Bed Side Table

It's been a while that I did any post related to home decor. So, I have been thinking about a story that I can share with you guys in this particular section. Then, a few days back, when I posted an Insta story, I got a comment from one of you praising my bed side table. It instantly made me to do a post about it. And, here I am, sharing this post today with you all. 

Keeping my home neat and clean is my favorite thing. it just gives me an immensely strange kind of satisfaction and peacefulness. And, when it comes to bed side table, it especially needs to be well decorated because it is an object placed next to your bed, where you relax, lie down and sleep.

Last time, I did a similar kind of post for my coffee table (see it here), in which, I shared my coffee table and along with that, I mentioned what essential staples you need to decorate your coffee table. Following the same pattern, I am showing my bed side table and enlisting all things you can decorate your bed side table with. 

My Bed Side Table

Okay, so here is how my bed side table looks like. It is well organized and has all the important things placed over it. My furniture is quite old, but still, I think I have managed it quite well. I tau like it. Let's just see, what items I used to decorate it and how these things can be helpful.

A Lamp

A lamp is an essential for a bed side table. Not only it helps when you want to read something before you sleep, but it is also aids, when you wake up in the middle of night for loo or for any other issue. You can just turn on the lamp and do your thingy without turning on your room light. 

I have this monochromatic themed lamp with an owl imprinted on it, which signifies that this owl is your friend if you are up late at night and everyone else is sleeping.


Reading a few pages when you are on your bed can put you to a good sleep. Also, reading your favorite book at the end of the day is an amazing way to relax and then go to sleep. So, it only makes sense to have a couple of books on your bed side table.

I keep a few books on my bed side table including the one that I am reading as well as others that I want to read. 


There is nothing better than creating a serene and dreamy atmosphere to start your slumber session and lighting up flavored and scented candles is one of the easiest ways to do that. So, keep your favorite candles on your bed side table and light them up every night to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere (read maahol to get its real feel).

I love lavender, so I have all the candles, big or small and even smallest in lavender. It gives me a very soothing, soft and subtle scent.

Plants or Flowers

Adding something green is crucial, if you really want to create a relaxing and refreshing scene near your bed. i personally love adding flowers and plants in every nook to get the feeling of freshness.

I added this long vase with some green leaves cluster in it. It's artificial because I don't want to create the mess of soil and stuff in the room, so I chose artificial leaves. 


Now that you have all the necessities, how can we forget ornaments and decorative pieces. You can add a painting, a canvas or any other ornament to deck up your space. However, these pieces are not necessary to add. You should only add these, when there is space or when you really feel the need to add these decorative items.

I have this bright pink with golden foil patches canvas that I painted myself (here is its DIY), a tray on which I place my jewelry box (did a post related to this box that used to be tray, see it here), my perfume and candles. 

These are the things with which you can decorate your bed side table. All these things are simple and we really need them around our bed. If you pick up these essential items with an aesthetic appeal, it will make your table look good too.   



  1. This table looks so cool. And all the things you mentioned are so useful.

  2. Such a nice advice. So simple and cute.

  3. I love this decor, looks so cool. Awesome ha simple but sweet and girly :)