Thursday, December 15, 2016

Magic of Delicate Jewelry

Fashion posts are my favorite. Be it clothes, bags or jewelry; I absolutely love writing about these things and share my stories and pictures with you my pals. And today too, I have this amazing layered necklace to talk about. I got this cool and chic layered necklace from Rose Gal. Yes, the same brand that sent me a classic top and a coolest bag (you can see these posts here and here). 

We all know that layered necklace are in vogue for quite some time and getting my hands on this cool layered necklace was all things awesome. What I really love about a layered necklace is that it brings so much fun and a whole lot of captivating factor in a simple outfit. If you want to uplift a simple look, just wear a layered necklace and you are good to go. 

I have got this in golden color because I usually wear dark tones and a gold necklace will suit most of my dresses. I also love its design. Everyone's wearing evil eye, so I thought it would be so cool to add it in my accessories collection. 

What really great about this necklace is its price. It's pocket-friendly, yet looks super cool and chic. The necklace is still available on Rose Gal's e-store here. So, get your hands on your evil eye and protect yourself :) 


  1. This layered necklace is awesome and yes you are right everyone is wearing evil eye. I also want this but in a bracelet. Also, the second picture looks adorable.

  2. Chains have always been my kind of favorite accessory to wear! And this one look so dazzling!