Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Timeless White & Black Stripes Top

There is nothing as classic and timeless as a black and white stripes top. I have been seeing monochromatic stripes top all over my instagram lately and so wanted to score the same staple in my wardrobe. I was through the roof excited when I got this black and white stripe top from Rose Gal for the review and why not, this is something I wanted for so long. 

I absolutely love it and enjoy wearing this top. One of the greatest features that I truly like about this top is its fabric. The top is made up of soft silk, which of course add a tad bit of luxe and formal vibe in an otherwise casual piece. 

I also love its stitching and its cut specially. The top has boxy silhouette, which makes it an uber comfortable option to wear. There is a fold on its sleeves that adds finesse in its overall appeal. I usually pair it up with black denims and black pumps. 

The top is currently available on Rose Gal's store here and cherry on top, there is a 31% off on this item. 

I love it so much and I have even worn it to blogging events. 


  1. I actually love every black and white thing. And this shirt is on my next wishlist!
    Thanks for sharing the review!

    I would be very happy to see your comments on my blog :-)

  2. Yes, because black and white is so classic. I would definitely check out your blog.
    Thank for visiting blog and leaving a comment.
    Much love to you!

  3. Black and white stripes look really classic.