Saturday, December 17, 2016


Yes, it's weekend! Time to relax and enjoy. This week was so stressful and bad for me. Ammi was not well and I was so worried about her. I pray she gets well real soon. Parents are God's greatest blessing ever and may we all get their companionship, their love, their support all our life. Ameen!

As ammi was not well, I spent most of my time in cooking and giving full rest to mum. So, I used to go to work, came back home and used to do all household chores in addition to cooking and blogging. That's how my week was spent.

Last weekend was a tad bit fun. I got to shop after a very long time. I and my colleague, Sadia, went for shopping to Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road. I bought this embroidered kurti from Ethnic by Outfitters. I was looking for some really nice, ethnic and eastern shirt and I found just that. I absolutely loved its embroidery. Though, the color didn't really appeal me much, but it was its embroidery and hints of different hues that are used to accentuate the embroidery actually won me over. 

This is the closer picture of the kurti. I hope you can see what I am talking about. I got this in 3200 PKR

I bought other things as well, which I would share in different posts, but there is another item that I really want to share with you guys is this choker necklace. You guys know that nowadays I am obsessing over layered necklaces and when you get one in trendy and chic chokers, you got to have your hands on it. And, guess what? I got this only in 200 PKR from a jewelry stall at Tariq Road. I often get really great stuff from these roadside stalls in very pocket-friendly prices. And, I think you should check these stalls out too. 

This weekend, I don't have any specific plans. I'd try to spend more time with mum or may be cook something special for ammi, papa and wijdan bhai. I also have my best friend brother's wedding and she invited me, so I have to go there. 

If I manage to go to the wedding, I'd share the details in my next weekending post. For now that is all I have to share. I hope you all have a great weekend and a great time with your loved ones.

See you next week!     



  1. Kurti looks so elegant! Neck thing is so lovely.
    Happy to see your Weekending post after a couple of days :-)

    Lots of prayer for your mother.
    May Allah give her Shifa, Aameen

  2. This shirt is super awesome. Absolutely loving its embroidery. May your mom get well soon really quickly!

  3. Love the kurti too much. Looks awesome.

  4. nice shirt
    hey cud u plz post sumthing on wedding dresses aj kal bohta weddings aa rahi hai ;)

  5. Nice dress, i am waiting for this coming black Friday to get huge discounts on the fashion, you can get the discount deals at Black Friday in Pakistan