Friday, January 6, 2017

Life As We Know It!

Writing a post after so long, but I am happy that I am writing. Was totally ignoring blog and talking to you people because I was so busy. In one of my posts on social media, I informed you guys that my mum was ill, so I was busy taking care of her. She is still not completely fine, but with the grace of God she is a lot better. So, I somehow found some time to write this post and talk to you people.

Mum's Ill

All this time, I was going to hospital with mum and was taking care of her. Also, as she was ill, I had to look after house chores, cooking and other stuff. And then of course, my full time job. Amidst all this, I could not find time to sit down and write posts.

Mum is now a lil better, but I was just thinking that life is so unpredictable. Just a few days go everything had its own pace and everything was fine and suddenly mum fell ill. Her illness affected all of us and why not she is the head of our home. She runs us. No matter how old we may get, we always need her. I pray, she gets well really soon.

Learned Household Chores

While she was ill, I was cooking food, doing dishes and was looking after everything. It gave me an opportunity to learn to take care of whole home. I love my home and always wanted to take the full charge like mum used to have. So yeah, even the worst situations have some opportunities to learn new things. I am still not handling everything with perfection, but yeah, managing everything quite well. Good job, Nida!

My Boy is Here!

And yes, I have to tell you guys something really important. My boy is here. Just a couple of days back, he came back and it just feels awesome. He came to see me and it was the best feeling in the world to see your lover after two years. I am so happy to have me around. He is not feeling well and taking his time in adjusting to the new place, new weather and everything new. So, I am giving him space to adjust and I am sure, once he is fine, we will go on lots of dates and so much more.

That’s all that I have to share with you guys and hope that all of you would have a great weekend. I am planning to start regular blogging from Monday. So, I’ll talk to you guys then. Till then, take care and enjoy yourself!


  1. So glad to read your post and to know that your mum's feeling better. I hope your husband feels better soon so you guys can have loads of fun together. xx

  2. ALLAH apki mama ko sehat de :)
    glad u knw
    u must be bz lol <3 hv fun n enjoy :*