Friday, January 20, 2017

My Favorite Hairstyle from Sunsilk Ad

You all know that my boy is here in Pakistan and I was just sharing with him a few days back that being a blogger is just like having a boyfriend. You never know when and from where you will get a package, just like a boyfriend suddenly shows up with a flower (mine never does, he’s not that kind). I actually said this to him because I wanted to show him the Sunsilk hamper that I received. Yes, the same Sunsilk hamper that I shared on my Insta stories and you all were drooling over it.

In that hamper, I got new Sunsilk thick and long shampoo and conditioner along with some chocolates. The hamper was cool enough to make my day! After I received this hamper, I deliberately sit down, opened up my YouTube and watched this ad and absolutely loved it. The ad is a part of #SunsilkWeddingDiaries and is so relatable.

This ad is not only about Sunsilk shampoo but it is also a great source to decipher current wedding trends and incorporate them in our look. Like the ad shows different hairstyles and dresses, you can also take cues from the ad and flaunt it this wedding season.

In the ad, Hania wears three hairstyles fro mayoon, mehndi and baraat and I absolutely love the hairstyle that she wore for mehndi. Matha patti and curls with lehnga looks very traditional yet very chic and cool. The Baraat hairstyle is my second favorite.

People are getting married like crazily and going to all these weddings calls for different looks and of course, there's no better way to opt for a different look than making different hairstyles. But, opting for different hairstyles is also not free of troubles. Different looks and hairstyles mean lots of exposure to heat and chemicals (serum, mousse and hair sprays); therefore, your hair gotta be in awesome condition and this new Sunsilk with keratin yogurt ensures just that. 

So keep your hair thick and strong and keep #HairOnYourSide this wedding season. Also, see the ad and let me know which one is your favorite hairstyle.


  1. Such a great post. i love curls hairstyle.

  2. Beauty :)

    Maria V.

  3. Looks gorgeous :) Hope your boyfriend visiting was SUPER fun!

    kellmenow |
    Instagram |

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