Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Bridal Shower

When we started the planning of our wedding, I was most excited about two events; mehndi and bridal shower. My mehndi got cancelled because of sudden death of my boy's grandfather and I couldn't have a bridal shower because I didn't have people around who were excited. 

As I am very reserved and an introvert kinda person, my best friends are also of the same traits, so you cannot expect them to throw a bridal shower. As I couldn't see my bridal shower happening, I became quite sad. One of my friends (saadia is her name) sensed it and arranged a small get together. 

She invited all my friends, but only three showed up (told ya my friends are quite introvert). It was a small affair, nothing fancy and high scale. We all gathered at Koffee Chalet and my friend asked them to decorate our table with balloons. 

I ordered a tee shirt that had bride written on it and I found it a perfect option to wear to this party. Paired this top with a maroon skirt and a pair of dangling earrings. 

I am thankful to Saadia for arranging this for me and all those girls who showed up.


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  2. The best part of any wedding ceremony in the east is the Mehendi which is more important than the actual wedding; the latest trend has made the bridal shower as important as mehendi. I am happy for u at least you had few people who really loved you and wanted to share your happiness attended it and also arranged it.