Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Save The Date Shoot

Continuing my wedding series with another post and sharing Save The Date shoot that I and my boy got done to announce our wedding date to our friends and family. Basically, we got it done for our social media platforms. You know, in today's age, physically going to each family and friend to give the invite practically seems impossible. So, we thought to make an event update on our Facebook pages and invite our family and friends.

This shoot was super special for me after all it was to announce our wedding date. When we shoot something special like this, we pay immense emphasis on the location. I wanted natural light, greenery and some sort of iconic elements in these pictures. Keeping in consideration my wishes, I and my friends decided to go for Frere Hall. In Karachi, there's nothing more iconic, historic and romantic than Frere Hall, which makes this place such an ideal place to have shot something similar to my shoot.

We decided to have this shoot just a few days before our wedding. On the day of this shoot, boy came to pick me up and took me there with him. I chose to wear this reddish and pinkish (I'm a bit confused about the color of this dress) chiffon dress and left my hair open. Boy on the other hand, wore a casual checkered shirt. He was in his taliban mode (full grown beard) as he wanted to experiment with his look and for that he had to grow his beard.

We both are very shy, so we opted for simple poses without any PDA. We clicked a couple of photos and were quite cool with that. I made these buntings with our wedding dates on these and used that to announce the date.

The shoot was done by a dear friend's dear friend because dear friend was busy at work so she asked her dear friend to do the favor. I love these pictures and these are so special to me. Everyone in my friends list  also loved these clicks and the idea.


  1. Mashallah... you both look so good together
    and Allah bless you with a happy life
    Read your both post It is good to know that you are so happy and I wish you to stay happy forever

    Have a nice day
    Glamorous without the Guilt