Friday, June 9, 2017

My Wedding Card

Wowness! I am feeling incredibly amazing right now as I am writing this post. It's great to be back on the blog. And, what makes me feeling even greater is that I am resuming blogging with my wedding series.

To start my wedding series, I chose a very simple thing i.e. my wedding card. Though, wedding card maybe a simple thing, but I think the way I involved in its making, it's worth sharing.

From the very start, I wanted my wedding card to be different than what we usually get from our relatives and neighbors (you know those golden and glittery cards). I knew that I wanted something English (hope you know what I mean) and something pinterest worthy. So, I asked my friends at work to design my wedding card and they were all up for it. 

After work, my friends used to come at my place with me and used to work on the design of the card. We considered different references and research a lil and start designing the card. My best friend Abrahim came up with the design and everyone loved it. 

As there was no shashka or zara hut k stuff (captivating factor) in the card, I wanted something totally attention grabbing for the envelope. I also wanted to have a lil romantic and retro feel in my card, so I decided to wrap it in jute fabric. To finish off the look, I added the detailing of a feather and some leaves.

I loved my card and it's such an incredible memory I have. In fact, my boy's family also loved it. I hope if you or any of your loved one is about to get married and looking for some inspiration, this card would give you some great ideas. 


  1. Thank you so much for sending the invite. Masha Allah, loved it but unfortunately, couldn't make it to the wedding. Lots of best wishes xx