Thursday, November 2, 2017

Back to Blog

Hey guys and welcome back after a very long time,

Ahhh. Writing my blog after a long time.

It was in June, when I last wrote my blog. In fact, I have been inconsistent from the start of this year. And, I told you guys that my mom was ill and I fully dedicated myself to help her fight her disease.

Later on, it was my marriage that happened and I took time to adjust in my new home and new life with my boy. Once I felt that I am okay and can maintain a regular schedule of posting, I resumed my blog with my wedding series.

But then again, something happened because of which I couldn’t continue posting. And that something was my increased responsibilities at work. I got promoted and I now have more work than before. I now go back home fully exhausted and find no energy to blog.

I missed blogging all this time. I swear! I miss my blog and you guys every single day. So many times I tried to resume my blogging, but was so occupied that I couldn't.

Today I thought and force myself to start from somewhere. I was delaying it because I wanted to prepare some content in advance so that whenever I am short of time, I still have something to post. But today, I thought it's okay if I am unable to create content in advance and push myself to restart blogging.

So here I am writing my blog again! Hooray!

I am writing this blog on my way back from work and I am committed and fully intend to continue my posts on a regular basis.  


  1. sincerely I havenot been on your blog for a minute since you have been under the radar too but thanks to this amazing piece looking forward to your next article