Monday, November 13, 2017

My Bridal Mehndi

Henna Design

Like all the girls, I absolutely love mehndi! I especially like the way henna indicates joyfulness, festivity and colors. Though, I really like mehndi, but I think I am not that fussy about it. Any design or any artist would be okay for me as long as it gives a good, colorful and neat look. When it came to my bridal mehndi, I knew what I wanted. So, here are all the details about it.

My Mehndi Artist

Being on a budget, I was looking for someone who can do a decent job on a reasonable price. My friend at work suggested me of Munira Mehndi Artist and told me that she availed her services and found her really pocket-friendly and good with her designs. I called her, discussed my dates and luckily, she was free on a day before my wedding.

The good thing is that she comes at your place to do her job, so you can get your henna done right at the comfort of your home. She is friendly and dos her job with all her concentration.

You can check out her work on her Facebook page here.

Henna Design


She charges anything from as low as 500 to as high as 5000 depending on the style and design of your choice.

When she came over my place, I told her what I want and showed her a few picture of the designs that I liked, so she on that basis, she charged me 4000. Also, I told her that I am a bride and I want her to use a good quality product on my hands.

Henna Design

Design, Color & Style

I wanted a simplistic design that reflects tradition and denotes something classic. So, I opted for a round design with tip of the fingers colored with henna. For feet also, I wanted something very modern and minimal. She gave me a simple bail pattern on both my feet with elaborated and filled toes.

Henna Design

After-Care and Results

I didn’t do any sort of totka or remedy to get a good color. She just asked me not to wash my hands and feet for some time and avoid water contact to the maximum and I did the same. Next day, when I took shower before going to the salon, it was bright red and was looking really nice. It remained on my hands and feet long after my wedding, so I had it on for both of my big functions and for quite a while after that.

Overall, I was quite happy with my henna artist and the design.


  1. Oh My, My! This bridal mehndi looks so beautiful and amazing on your hands, plus the choice of design is super cool. Thank you for the post and great design idea.

  2. This design is so simple yet looking lovely.

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