Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Wedding Look

Finally, the wedding day look is here. I am super excited as I am sharing my wedding look with you guys. It was the best I ever felt about me and just can’t wait to write down all the deets about my look. 

I think my wedding dress was a perfect amalgamation of everything. Whether it’s that regal shawl that I carried, the modern peplum cut of my top or the minimal look of my sharara; my outfit had all the elements that give birth to extraordinary beauty abounds. So, without any further ado, let’s discuss everything about the look in detail.

My Outfit

My boy’s family was supposed to make my wedding outfit. I asked my boy that I don’t really care about rest of the dresses and anything else, but I want my wedding dress according to my preferences and choices. Being a good boy, he obeyed me and asked me to send reference designs and pictures to his sisters.

Outfit Inspiration

Like every excited girl with a fashionista spirit, I was gawking Instagram accounts and perusing breathtakingly creations by various designers. While I was scouring the internet, an outfit at Hiba Asim’s page captivated my attention and I knew that this is the kind of dress that I would like to wear on my wedding. So, I sent its pictures to my in-laws and here’s a picture of that dress for you all to see.

I sent this picture to my sisters in law and fortunately they got me something exactly what I wanted.

Color, Cut & Style

As I mentioned that I was following some instagram accounts to take inspiration for my wedding dress and I observed that gold was really an in color at that time, so I decided to have my wedding dress in gold. But, I also wanted to incorporate red in my dress, so I suggested a combo of gold and red.

As far as cut and silhouette are concerned, I was really confused about it. So, I left this thing on my sisters-in-law. They opted for a mid length peplum top with sharara and I truly loved it.

To add style and class in the dress, I wanted a separate dupatta or shawl with it and my in-laws did a really great job with it. I absolutely loved the color and embroidery over it. Surely, it was this piece that took the look of my outfit a few notches up.

Price and Place

As I didn’t make this dress, I cannot quote the exact price of this dress. But, while I was writing this post, I asked my sisters-in-law and they told me that they curated this outfit and put together different pieces from different places.

They got the shirt and dupatta embroidered from Banaras market and got a matching sharara with it.

The separate dupatta or shawl was from Bahawalpur. They got it done in 10K.

Overall, the dress costed them more or less 50K.


I got my makeup done from Depilex. I primarily chose Depilex for two main reasons. First, I got my makeup done from Depilex during one of the fashion weeks that I attended and they made me look like a diva (checkout my fashion week posts here, here and here). Secondly, I wanted something pocket-friendly and I couldn’t find any better option than this one. I don’t exactly remember their charges, but it was nothing more than 16K.

At Depilex, I specifically asked for Yasmin to do my makeup. She did my makeup during the fashion week and I thought that as she has already worked on my face, she would have better understanding of it.

I mentioned her that I don’t really want to focus on eyes, but want my lips dark and bold and she gave me just that. She opted for dark lips as well as accentuated my eyes with a mix of kohlic and bronze shades. With rosy cheeks and perfect contouring, she enhanced my features and made me look a million bucks.

For my hair, I wanted something with side parting. To add a tad bit of interest in a simple side parted bun, hair experts at Depilex gave me some twists in my side parting and made a bun.

So that's all about my wedding day look. As mentioned before, I will do a separate post for my accessories, which will be published on blog soon (hopefully).


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and regal!! I am in love with the shawl, it looks so pretty,! Thank you for putting out the prices so honestly as the girls need to know that spending exuberant amounts on makeup and clothes isn't the only option out there, you can look a class apart even staying in budget! Stay Blessed

    1. Exactly Sherry. You don't need to spend a mammoth amount to look good. Thanks for coming over the blog and comment.

  2. Wow girl! Masha Allah you’re looking gorgeous. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the wedding but will try to meet you when I’m in town. Lots of love and best wishes for a happily married life.


  3. hey welcome back ! we missed you too now keep posting and updating us with your life through blogs. loved the picture you shared, you are so beautiful.

  4. You are looking drop dead gorgeous. I love your dress, your shawl and your look. Also, your accessories are quite different, especially your clutch. From where did you get this? Absolutely in love with your look.