Friday, December 29, 2017

My Reception Look

Finally, I am writing about my reception look. I wanted to write about it for quite some time, but this crazy thing that we call life is constantly throwing me in ugly situations, and these ugly situations then occupy all my energy and attention. Anyways, I am glad that I am continuing my blog against all odds. Okay, forget all the worries and let’s just stay around the topic of my reception look.

So, my outfit for the reception didn’t come from the groom’s side and I was the one, who was supposed to make this outfit. If you know my blog and me, you’d have an idea that I am not the sort of a person who’d spend a mammoth amount on a dress, yet I don’t settle on anything less stylish, so finding a dress that is pocket friendly and have a perfect quotient of style was quite a daunting task. But, I believe that if your intentions are right, you’d find anything. So, let me break down my look for you.

My Outfit

Like I was very much clear about my wedding outfit and style, I had no clue what I want for my reception. I just wanted something stylish, different and in silver or grey colour.

Place & Price

Though I talked about colour, cut and style first when I blogged about my wedding look, but here I want to mention the place from where I got my dress and its price. As I mentioned that I wanted something pocket friendly, I knew that I couldn’t find anything in markets like Tariq Road and Hyderi, so a few of my friends and relatives mentioned Mehboob Cloth Market in Saddar and asked me to check that out. It is a very small market and you won’t find on-trend pieces there on display, but if you insist shopkeepers to show some unique and fashionable items, they will go down their secret closet and will bring you pieces that may have what we usually see on our Instagram feeds.

Same happened to me. I asked every shop keeper to show me something unique and updated and picked up this one. The shopkeeper settled down on 32K, but when I asked him for a bit of alteration in its work and design, he increased the price and asked me to pay 36, so the final price was 36K.

Cut & Style

It was a long maxi dress with full of embroidery mainly comprising sheesha work. When the shopkeeper showed it to me, it didn’t have that sheesha work on its sleeves, so I asked him to do that for me. And, as you know me, I wanted to add that little something extra factor in this dress, I asked the shopkeeper to make me a belt having same embroidery on it. Belted dupatta was on trend at that time (remember I even did a post about it, you can see that post here), but girls were wearing this style on casual dresses. I took the risk and opted for this trend with such a formal look. But, I knew that I can carry it well and I think I did a decent job.

Hair & Makeup

For my reception as well, I went to Depilex, where Yasmeen did my makeup. I wanted dark lips and a little bit of glam on my eyes and she did just that for me. She painted my lips with MM Makeup’s ever-famous mergento liquid lipstick (this is my favourite shade) and for my eyes she gave me subtle kohlic eyes. For my hair style, I wanted side swept curls with beads, but the final look didn’t turn out the way I wanted.

That’s all the details that I had to share with you guys. I am truly proud that I created this look within my budget and was happy with that.

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  1. Hey Nida,

    So happy to see that you are back to blog and posting regularly. I missed reading your posts. Also, many congratulations on your wedding. Just going to check your previous posts.

    About this reception look, I must say that you did a great job with your outfit. I can't believe that in 36K you can get such a fully embroidered dress. Love your belted dupatta style.