Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Fresh Start in February

Kicking start the month of February in a fresh way. Though I am suffering from sore throat and flu, but still, I am feeling fresh and energetic.

When I started 2018, I promised myself to live my life consciously rather than doing everything on an auto-pilot mode and I am glad that I am on a right track. Currently, I do not do everything consciously, but I am practicing it quite often and I am hopeful that I'll be able to live my life 100% consciously very soon.

Love Life 

I and boy are doing quite. After his father's death, boy has a lot of responsibilities at home. I am helping him out by taking care of myself on my own so that at least he can be free of myself and my responsibilities and devote all his attention and time to his family.

Work Life
Work life is going okay. Neither good nor bad. I am a little demotivated nowadays, which is affecting my work and deliverables. I hope to get all my energy back and work with all my heart.


I am pretty serious about blogging now and will continue posting useful content for you guys. Just like my work, I was feeling demotivated for my blog as well, but I got a few inboxes in past few days that showed me how much my work means to you guys and how I am helping out many people just by posting about my experiences. These messages instilled a new kind of energy in me and motivated me to continue blogging.

That is how my life is going and how I am starting this month.

I really hope that we all have a great month ahead.

Lots of love.


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