Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tasty Thursday: Perk Up Your Ice Cream

Ice-cream to me is my love boy. Seriously, I mean it! I absolutely love ice-cream and I can have it anytime and in any flavor. That’s much I love ice-cream. It is this love that often makes me experiment with the way I eat ice-cream. 

Few days back, while I was eating regular Wall’s ice-cream, I tried to bring an interesting update in it. I had Ferrero Rocher lying in my fridge and I was eating chocolate flavor of Wall’s plain ice-cream. I suddenly got this urge to combine the two and enjoy a new taste.

I really liked this unique combination and thought to share with you guys. Often times, when guests come up, we serve them ice-cream as it is. I think this combination is a good way to perk up a plain bowl of ice cream.

So, without further ado, let’s see how I did this.

Things Required

Ice-cream in chocolate flavor

Ferrero Rocher


First of all, break chocolates into small pieces with the help of a knife.

Take out a scoop or two of ice-cream in a bowl.

Now, spread broken chocolate over it and enjoy the munching of nuts with cold ice-cream. 

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