Friday, February 23, 2018


It’s that time of the week, when we all are happy and excited. Yes, it’s Friday. The weekend is here and I am ready to enjoy off days in a chill way. I am feeling a lil extra happy today because I am wearing new clothes.

I got this blue fabric from Tariq Road a week back and gave it to my tailor. I got it yesterday and thought that Friday is a good day to wear new clothes. I love its bright color and comfortable fabric. I also liked the way I added contrasting dupatta. 

Last weekend was quite cool. As I updated you guys in my last Friday’s post that I and boy would go to movie and we actually did. We watch Black Panther at Atrium Cinemas and then had dinner together. I enjoyed our movie date.

I also went out with my girlfriend on breakfast and enjoyed my favorite meal with her along with lots of laughter and gossips.

This week was a little tiring. I had a lot of work at office and had to go to the hospital with mum multiple times. Also, I had to do a lot of work at home like grocery shopping and organizing stuff.

This weekend, I do not have much time to relax. I will be having a busy weekend. On Saturday, I have to go with mum to the hospital that too early in the morning. But yes, I am excited for Saturday evening as I and my friends are going to this event of J Dot preview of spring collection.

I haven’t planned anything for Sunday. I want to relax and do nothing on Sunday so that I can start off new week in an energetic way.

Have a great weekend guys! 

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  1. You're looking great. I've told you previously as well that blue suits you a lot. The lawn mania has started so that those launches event.