Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How I Make Lots of Lawn Clothes on a Budget

In the summer season, no matter how many lawn suits you may buy, but it is never enough. Especially, if you are obsessed with clothes like I am. During the summer solstice, when the sun shines bright on our head and when I am to go out for work or just to run errands, I need comfortable and airy clothes. Also, due to hot weather, I often have to take multiple showers every day. Of course, I cannot wear the same clothes after shower, so I have to make sure that I have enough number of lawn clothes. 

As much as I love to make clothes, I also have to make sure that I don’t exceed my shopping budget. This simply calls for discovering pocket friendly ways to make lots of lawn clothes. Thanks to my searching skills and in-depth quest to find key pieces on affordable prices, I now know ways that allow me to make lots of lawn shirt without breaking my bank.

So, today I am sharing these pocket-friendly ways to make lots of lawn shirts.

Get Unstitched Fabric From Wholesale

One of the easiest ways to score lots of lawn shirts is to buy unstitched shirt pieces from wholesale market. I personally got to Tariq Road to get these short pieces. Next to Tariq Road’s famous Rabi Center, there are many shops that sell shirt fabrics on wholesale rates. I always find great prints there but yes, I have to be watchful for the fabric. Sometimes, they have really good fabric, but other times, they don’t stock quality products. I usually get a single shirt piece between 300 to 400 rupees depending on the print, embroidery and fabric.

Besides Tariq Road, you can also go to Megna Mall in Johar or Ashiana in Clifton. But, I noted that I find Ashiana and Gulf a bit pricey than Tariq Road. Also, as my mum’s home is in Tariq Road and I used to live there, I find going to Tariq Road more convenient and easy.

I get these shirt pieces and use latest trends to bring a stylish spin in these shirts and get it stitched from my tailor. Sometimes I add tassels and sometimes lace or any other thing to uplift the visual appeal of my shirt. I also did a post on how to make lawn shirt stylish last year that you can read here. My tailor charges me 400 for a simple design, so on average a shirt cost me around 700 to 800 rupees, which I think is quite a bargain.

Opt For Branded Single Pieces 

Though I love to make lots of shirts by opting for above mentioned method, but I can also not deny my love for brands and their special lawn collections. To make a couple of lawn shirts by my favorite brands, I opt for single pieces rather than their three-piece or two-piece collections. Every brand offers single pieces and you can easily wear it with jeans, trousers and leggings. Depending on the design, these single pieces cost between 900 to 1200 rupees. I especially love Sana Safinaz DIY collection and Al-Karam’s single pieces.

Simple and Affordable Branded Pret 

The third and last way that I use to score lawn shirts is to opt for simple ready-to-wear shirts by different brands. Every brand brings up its lawn collection and keeps on updating it from time to time. If you keep a close eye on your favorite brands, you will always find a shirt or kurti according to your taste and budget. If you want to get your hands on lots of kurtis yet don’t want to spend lots of money, look for simple printed shirts. The price of a simple printed kurti at various brands usually ranges between 1900 to 2200 rupees. You may have to avoid cuts, designs and detailing if you want to get shirts in this price range. Embroidery and detailing or any other appealing aspect usually increases the price.

So, these are some of the tips that I use to make lots of lawn shirts. Let me know how do you find these tips and share if you have any other recommendation to make.


  1. I think this idea of getting shirt pieces from wholesale market is quite good. This way, we can make lots of lawn shirts within a limited amount.

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