Thursday, April 19, 2018

Things I Terribly Miss At Boy's Home

Now you all know that yesterday I and boy completed a year of togetherness. Though it’s been a whole year that I am living with my boy at his home, but still, there are a few things that I just cannot get out of my head that were available to me at my home. I thought to do a post and share these things with you guys. Who knows some of you may have the same feelings as I do.

My Ammi Pappa

So, this one is obvious. I miss ammi and papa terribly at boy’s home. No one can love you like your parents and no matter where you go, you’ll never find a replacement of their love, compassion, patience and care.

I specifically miss ammi and papa, when I see my mother-in-law talking to boy or my sisters-in-law with lots of love or when she does something special for them. During these moments, I begin to question why on earth I am deprived of my ammi and pappa’s love and care. Just because I am married? I am too rebellious to understand society’s rules of a girl moving to boy’s home after marriage.

My Phati (Torn) T-Shirt

Crazy, right? I guess, in this season of scorching heat, we all love to slip ourselves in our oldest clothes. I have lots of t-shirts at my home that have holes that you cannot count. I miss wearing them. As I am shy and reserved, I don’t feel comfortable wearing my old and ripped t-shirts at my boy’s place. But, I do wear them, when I go to my home to stay.

Lying on the Floor to Keep Using My Phone While It’s Charging

At my home, I used to lie on the floor. In one of the corners of my bedroom, I used to have a floor cushion lying on the floor and luckily there was a socket too. I used to charge my phone there while lying on the floor so that I can continue seeing my feed (Insta and Facebook feed of course) without interruption. Not only that, I used to lie on the floor anywhere in my home – sometimes to charge my phone and other times just to relax and straighten my back. I don’t do that at boy’s home and I miss that.

Surely life changes after marriage. We often talk about major and drastic changes, but being a girl and a sensitive one, even the smallest things matter. I shared some of the things that I terribly miss at boy’s home and I would love to know what it is that you miss at your husband’s place is. Comment below and let me know.      

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