Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Four Favorites

I love to write both at work as well as in my personal life. At work, writing my to-do tasks in the start of the day and then clearing them out one by one gives me a sense of achievement. And in my personal life, I write only good and positive things that happened to me in a day – sorta like gratitude journal. I did a very thoughtful post about journaling in which I talked about how to keep a journal, benefits of journaling and what you should not do while journaling. You can check that post here.

To make my journaling interesting, I bought this color-happy and cool-looking diary. I got this from Khaadi in 800 PKR and I absolutely love that. Also, it is a super cool accessory to carry to work and meetings.

I have a sweet tooth and love everything sweet, so it’s natural for me to fall in love with chocolate thins. I was sent these by a PR company and never found them in any store. These thins are by Nestle and are super delicious.

My brother gifted this clutch to me, so I don’t really need other reasons to love that, but I do have other reasons too as it is so gorgeous. There’s no drama in it and exudes class and sophistication. It is also very functional. It has many compartments inside to keep bank cards and visiting cards. Love it so much!

Few days back, I went to Tariq Road and spotted these sandals that a guy was selling on the roadside. I stopped to look at these and found them really cool. I asked that guy to get my size and turned out that he has a proper shop inside somewhere in the corner and for traction, he brings some key pieces on the footpath.

I tried them and these were looking cool and comfortable. And, you won’t believe that I got this pair in just Rs. 400. I am not a brand conscious person at all and am comfortable in wearing anything that looks good on me, so I like getting stuff from roadside quite often.