Monday, March 12, 2018

KFC Kentucky Burger Review

I and boy love KFC, especially its Gulshan branch (one near Disco Bakery). It’s well decorated, neat and clean. So, whenever aunty cooks veggies, Boy takes me to KFC (both I and boy don’t like to eat veggies). When last week on Thursday, aunty cooked daal palak (I do eat palak but not with daal), boy took me to KFC. While he opted for his usual zinger burger, I thought to try their new Kentucky burger and sharing my review here.

First of all, I really think that this introduction of new Kentucky burger was much needed. Keeping in mind new burger joints opening up every other day in the town and availability of different sorts of burgers, this new addition at KFC brings a new flavor and twist to its menu.

About The Bun

Let’s start with its bun. I found it to be a bit thicker than zinger’s bun. Crispy fried onion and softly toasted black-sesame seeds encrusted over the bun are only for visual appeal and fail to add any flavor in it. This is because crispy fried onions can barely be seen and are almost non-existential.

Main Fillers

What really intrigued me to try it was pepperoni because I love pepperoni. The burger was draped with beef pepperoni, cheese slice and lettuce accompanied by crispy chicken piece.


According to the description, the main filler of the burger is dressed with barbecue sauce and mayo, but I felt there was more barbecue sauce than mayo.

Portion Size

Thick bun, addition of pepperoni and cheese slice with lettuce increases its size than a zinger burger. It was quite filling.

Overall Taste

After I took one or two bites, boy asked me how is it and my immediate reply was it’s quite English. It was okay, but it’s not one of those items that you will order every time you go to KFC. I definitely miss the taste of mayo and I guess, I might not have enjoyed it as much as I did sans ketchup. Dominated by the taste of barbecue sauce and cheese slice, this burger is a good option for those who like pepperoni.


This burger is of Rs. 390

With meal it is of Rs. 600

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