Monday, March 26, 2018

My Favorite Bloggers - Part II

Inspiration knows no boundaries. You can get inspired from anyone and anything from anywhere. Recently, I did a post about my favorite bloggers, in which I shared list of Pakistani blogs that I follow. Today, I am posting its second edition and sharing my favorite bloggers from India.

Miss Style Fiesta
Run by Masoom Minawala, Miss Style Fiesta is my most favorite blog from across the border. Just like her name, she appears to be a very innocent person. Her persona is such that you will feel immediately connected with her. I not only admire her for her blog but also love her entrepreneurial skills. Though, she majorly writes about fashion and styling, but on her users’ requests, she often also writes and makes videos about lifestyle topics as well as produces blogging and business related content. She is always on-the-go but always looks polished.

Mascara Every Saturday
Though she now lives in Manchester with her husband and runs her blog with the name of Mascara Every Saturday, but I am following Anushka Moore since the days when she was managing Bombay Bubble. She reinvented Bombay Bubble, which was mainly about fashion and styling to Mascara Every Saturday and now here on this forum she talks about all lifestyle topics. I absolutely love the way she forms a story in her every post.

Gia Says That
Gia says that by Gia Kashyap is another blog that I keep my eyes on. Unlike the above two blogs, Gia does talk about all the lifestyle topics but I find her more inclined towards beauty and makeup. Just have a look at her instagram account and her posts will imbue in you a great amount of confidence. She takes pride in who she is and owns every fiber of her being.

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