Friday, March 16, 2018


A very happy Friday to everyone,

I hope you all had a great week. Mine was quite busy at work and at home, looking after mom. And, my weekend is going to be busy too. There are so many tasks that I have been delaying for so long and now I have to do them this week anyhow.

Last weekend was nothing interesting and exciting. On Friday, I went to mum’s place and stayed there till Saturday evening. I and boy are looking for a car to buy, so we went to a showroom and really liked one car. We spent our entire evening on Saturday in testing out that car and took it to our mechanic to get his opinion. Both I and boy fell in love with that car, but unfortunately, we cannot buy that because or mechanic suggested that the seller is asking for a higher price than it deserves. 

I came back to home with boy around 10 pm and spent rest of the night watching YouTube. On Sunday, I and boy went to Metro to do grocery. We bought lots of veggies and fruits. Then, we started a new week. I remained busy at work and went home late almost every day of the week. 

Thank God it’s Friday and the week is over. To celebrate weekend, I will have lots of ice cream. Today, I am going to attend the launch of an international ice cream brand, Swensen. They are opening up their store at Saba Avenue and I am excited to try out their menu.

On Saturday, I have to go to salon to get my waxing done and then I and boy are invited over dinner to his friend’s place. We also have to go for shopping. I need to buy lawn dresses and boy has to buy his shirt. I am particularly excited to check out J Dot. I will also check out their khussas as I am in need of one. 

On Sunday, I am planning to relax and rest. We will try to stay home and rest.

Happy weekend!

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