Thursday, April 5, 2018

April's Intentions

Lately, I found myself suffering from procrastination and felt a huge amount of burden and guilt of delaying so many important tasks. Therefore, to deal with this issue, I decided to set goals and intentions in the start of every month so that I remain focused and achieve what I want to achieve and do what I want to do in a given period of time. Setting goals and intentions in the start of a month not only provide direction, let you focus on areas of your life that are important to you but also allow you to celebrate a new month and a new beginning. 

Once I set my goals and intentions, I jot them down on a piece of paper in a fun and colorful way. Having your intentions written on a piece of paper and putting it up at a place that reminds you of your set intentions is a good idea to stay committed and achieve your goals. Also, writing them down in a fun and colorful way does not make it look boring. When I set my intentions for this month, I thought to share my monthly goals and intentions on blog. So, here I am sharing my April’s intentions and will continue this series every month.

  • Sleep on time 
  • Make lawn shirts 
  • Get hand-made, organic and clean beauty products 
  • Try new ice-cream 
  • Organize and clean my closet 
  • Take care of ammi 
  • Do an act of kindness 

Sleep On Time

This is one of the factors that is impacting my productivity and my well being. You know, there are people who can sleep the moment they hit the bed; I am not that person. It usually takes me 20 to 30 minutes to fall asleep even when I am hell tired and an hour or two, when I am not tired. When I already go to bed late and then spend half an hour to fall asleep, it definitely going to show me worst impact. I don’t want to do this anymore and want myself to sleep on time and that is one of the most important things that I want to fix this month.

Make Lawn Shirts
The temperature is soaring high and there is no better way to beat the heat than wearing lawn shirts. This month, I will make lots of lawn shirts so that spending the season of scorching heat becomes a breeze for me.

Get Clean Beauty Products
Slowly and gradually, I am trying to change my lifestyle and moving towards organic goods. Recently, I realized that I use products that are full of chemicals and we should not do this to our body, hair and skin. It is for this reason, I want to get rid of products that are full of chemicals and opt for more clean, organic and hand-made beauty products.

Try New Ice Cream
I am an ice cream lover and not that ordinary kind of in-love, but that to-the-moon-and-back kind of love. And, in the summer season, my love for ice cream becomes boundless, so I would like to try some new ice creams.

Clean Up My Closet
As I told you that I have been unproductive and it showed up in everything I do even my closet. I have fixed it a little bit, but still needs major reorganization and cleaning.

Take Care of Ammi
My ammi is not well and needs my and everyone else’s full attention. I want to devote myself to take care of her so that she recovers from her illness.

Do An Act of Kindness
Busy in our lives, we often forget to do things that can bring peace and sense of fulfillment to us. When we talk about goals and intentions, we usually focus on things that help us get more success, more money, more fame and what not. But I think, doing an act of kindness should also be our priority. That is why added this in my monthly intentions list.

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