Thursday, April 12, 2018

My Fashion Must-Haves For The Summer Season

We update our wardrobe season after season. We all do this to stay comfortable and to to truly enjoy the weather. Every season makes us adopt a few key pieces. What must-haves, I personally incorporate in my wardrobe for the summer season are shared in this post.


When warmer months arrive, I usually swap my old pair of skinny jeans with trendy and lightweight culottes. For me, culottes are a breeze staple to have in the summer season. A pair of culottes is airy, comfortable as well as looks quite chic. Just pair it up with a right top and these will look good from an outing with friend to the office.


Slide Ons

Slide ons are my favorite for the season. When the heat is on, it is important to keep things simple, comfortable and airy. Also, slide ons are a perfect option as these have perfect quotient of style with the ease and comfort of flip-flops. You can opt for a funky pair to dress down and an embellished one to dress up.

Pair of Sunnies

Your summer wardrobe is not complete till you incorporate a pair of sunnies in it. Sunglasses keep your eyes (and some portion of your face, if you are wearing a big one) protected as well as look stylish.

Delicate Jewelry

During the summer time, I like to wear jewelry pieces that are dainty and delicate. I find such pieces fuss-free and easy to wear.

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  1. I love wearing Culottes in summers. They are super comfy and they are stylish too.