Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lip Gloss Review: Note Cosmetics Matte Moist Gloss by J Dot

Every now and then, I feel the strong urge to try on new makeup brands. Whenever I go to malls and shopping center and spot a brand with well-curated image and design, I begin to get signals from somewhere inside of my body to my brain that internally convinces me that this new brand is going to change my makeup routine and I will totally love it. It happens so often that I doubt that such brands hire my inner-self as their sales agents.

Similarly, I have been seeing Note by J Dot in every mall and rightly so my inner-self was doing its job for quite some time. I actually decided to buy some of its products, when I got to know that Note is actually a Turkish brand that makes cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan cosmetics. From last few months, I am so much into minimalism and trying to adopt vegan lifestyle (it is so difficult for someone like me, who have always been on meat), but I am taking baby steps. To update my makeup stash with vegan products, I got a lip gloss, a lip lining pencil and a BB cream from Note by J Dot. Today, I am reviewing the lip gloss only for you guys.

First thing first, let’s talk about the packaging. The lip gloss comes in a square shape regular plastic tube with transparent body and black cap. There is nothing fancy about the packaging, but it’s easy to open and use.

Consistency, Shade & Pigmentation 

I bought this lip gloss in a light pink shade because I wanted to use it for my daily makeup look, which usually remains quite simple and natural. The lip gloss is quite pigmented and you get the rich and exact shade with a single application. The formula is very light and easy to apply. Also, the lip gloss is very hydrating even though it’s a matte gloss, but still, it does not make your lips dry.

Application & Longevity 

Its ergonomically designed applicator is the best thing about this lip gloss, which makes applying this gloss super easy and smooth. It glides on lips quite smoothly without bleeding the color here and there. As it is made up of a rich formula, it tends to transfer a lot and does not last longer. For me, it hardly stays on my lip for three hours.

Price & Buying Experience 

I got this in PKR 985 from Dolmen Mall’s J Dot store. They have an amazing staff and the sales girl guided me quite well. She allowed me to do swatches and let me try it on my lips to truly understand the shade.

Overall View about the Product 

I think it’s a good lip gloss. The shade didn’t work for me, so next time I am going to buy it in another shade. Though, it fades off quickly, but I still like it because I love to wear matte formula that doesn’t dry my lips.

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