Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Our Iftar Menu Essentials

I absolutely love the month of Ramazan. I love the way everything that we do follows a routine and strict timetable. You end your fast on time, stop eating on time, and begin preparation for iftari on time. Indulging in prayers, controlling yourself and delicious iftari items that come along with the month of Ramazan make everything seem special. Talking about food, today’s post also talks about essential menu for iftari. I believe that every household has some essential food items for iftari. At my home too there are a few items that we must have on the table for iftari and we simply cannot imagine having our iftari without these food staples. In today’s post, I am sharing some must-have iftari items that we expect on our table (of course, in addition to dates).

A Chilled Drink: To quench the thirst, we must have a chilled sorbet on our table. We usually opt for Tang. We have been using Tang orange, but this year papa brought mango flavor and we all are fan of it. We sometimes opt for mint lemonade or any other seasonal fresh juice. I in fact, did a post about my mint lemonade drink that you can check out here

Pakoray: Our iftar table is not complete without some fried and crispy pakoras. In our family, chanay ki daal kay pakoray (lentil friters) are very famous and that’s what we prefer to have every day in iftar. Last year in Ramazan, I shared the recipe of lentil pakoras, if you are interested, you can see that post here.

Fruits: We are not only about deep-friend non-healthy items, but we also prefer to have lots of fruits on our iftar table. We make fruit chart and cut other fruits available too. Nowadays, we cut lots of watermelon and make fruit chart.

These are our iftari must-have items. Let me know if something on our table matches yours or what are the items that you guys must have in Iftari.

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