Thursday, June 7, 2018

Things I am Grateful For

Few days back I jotted down a list of all things that I am thankful for. I was watching some meaningful video on YouTube, which actually prompted me to make this list. When I sat down to write my gratitude list, I was a bit confused as what to write. But then, I realized how we neglect or take for granted some of the blessings that we have. I wanted to share this list for quite some time, so let’s have a look at my list. Also, tell me three things that you are grateful for in your life.

  • I have a great, supporting and loving family. My ammi papa and two brothers love me unconditionally and help me grow and progress as an individual. They help me out when I am in trouble and when I am happy, they share my joys with me.

  • I have a loving and caring husband. He is liberal to give me enough space of my own and live my life the way I want. He renders his support in whatever I do. 

  • I have a sound physique. God has bestowed me with a body that does not have any flaws, disabilities and abnormality. 

  • I have a very few but amazing friends. Hira, Hina, Zoya are all very good individuals. They stand by me in my rough times. They make me laugh and always listen to me. 

  • I have a big family. I have lots of uncles, aunties and cousins. We all share good relationship. I can go to their homes whenever I want and have fun with them. 

  • I have access to basic necessities like food, water, electricity. Actually, I have more than basic necessities. 

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