Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lost, but found?

Writing the story of my life and sharing it with my readers is such a pleasurable thing to me that I always return to it no matter how devastated, broken or busy I am. I was doing blogging quite seriously and was able to take it to a stage, where I started earning from it. My blogging went on the back burner in December 2016, when my Ammi fell ill and all the responsibilities and household chores came to my shoulders, followed by my marriage and adjusting to a new life. But still, I was posting on and off. I completely sidelined my blog in July because I thought there were more important things and people that needed my attention.

With a very heavy heart, I'd like to tell all of you that my Ammi passed away in August. I was devastated and was so unable to cope up with the loss. She was the one person I loved the most in this whole wide world, I was closest to her. I lost myself in the grief. I wasn't interested even in moving an inch, but my papa encouraged me to get back to life. He started sending me office and that was how I myself started taking actions to get back to life. I talked to my friends and they all showed their tremendous support.

As all my friends knew that how I passionate I was about blogging, they all suggested me to resume blogging plus take projects that I have been wanting to do for quite some time. Listening to all of them and to my papa, I posted a picture on my social media and today sat down to write this blog. Also, started working on other projects, the details of which, I'll reveal soon. I hope reconnecting with you guys, restarting blog and taking up new projects will re-instill life in me.

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