Saturday, September 28, 2019

My Pregnancy Journey

I wanted to write about my pregnancy journey but wasn’t getting time. Also, I was a little reluctant because I really do not have any tip or amazing information to share mainly because my pregnancy was very smooth and easy by the grace of Allah Miaan.  Because I so wanted to write about it, I decided to give it a go.

I am sharing my experience trimester by trimester in bullet points so that you can consume this piece quickly.

First Trimester

  • My first trimester was dominated by extreme weakness. I felt so weak that I couldn’t even move.

  • Took 3 days off from work and stayed on bed.

  • I did suffer from nausea but it was not intense and didn’t last longer.

  • I used to get nausea from applying makeup especially liquid foundation and concealer used to make me feel like throwing up. I used to wear sandal face-pack from Saeed Ghani to look presentable.

  • I used to drink 2 glasses of fresh juices everyday. Although, my Ammi was going through her last resort of chemotherapy, but she was so happy and excited that she used to make me juices daily.

  • During the days, I was suffering from nausea, the only things I liked to have were McDonald’s chocolate shake and bakery ki chicken patties. Thanks to my amazing colleague Luckey Saghani who used to go to the bakery near our office to bring patties for me.

  • Wore heels to a wedding and felt absolutely fine.

  • I used to get tired very easily, so kept all my activities low key.

  • Also, I was under-performing at work and my teammates Maahrukkh and Yasir really helped me with this by taking up my load of work.

  • Though I was physically feeling weak but I was mentally strong so decided to keep coming to office. Also wanted to stay active.

  • Continued my daily walk.

Second Trimester 

  • In the second trimester, I experienced the most traumatic thing in my life. My Ammi was in palliative care (end of life care) and I saw her dying little bit every day. I used to go to the hospital in the morning and came back at night. It was so heartbreaking that I can’t tell you but I still managed to stay calm.

  • My Ammi left this world and I was at complete lost. Still, gathered courage to stay put together.

  • Spent all my second trimester at my Ammi’s place to recover and move on.

  • My brother took care of me and used to feed me green veggies and juices.

  • Joined office back just after 3 days of Ammi’s death and accepted lots of freelance work keep myself distracted.

  • Continued my daily walk.

Third Trimester 

  • Got nausea again that lasted for a couple of days.

  • Wore heels in the start of third trimester and felt uncomfortable so took them off.

  • Wore loose clothes even though I was not prominently pregnant.

  • Continued to travel in rickshaw for short distance and didn’t feel anything uncomfortable. Just used to ask the driver to take care of road bumps and drive slowly.

  • Continued going to work till the very last.

  • In the end, I used to take 5 dates and a warm glass of milk with jaggery every night. I guess, I did it for a week before the delivery date.

  • I used to apply coconut oil on thighs and vagina to keep my skin moisturized so that I don’t tear up while delivering.

  • The worst part in the whole pregnancy was internal checkup that my doctor performed a week before the delivery date.

  • Watched lots of YouTube videos and birth vlogs, but only those that were easy or the ones in which the featured person looked calm, composite and happy. Never clicked on a video that looked scary or signaled anything negative.

  • I used to mentally prepare myself that I would keep it together and would try my best to stay calm in the labor.

  • Though I wanted a normal delivery but I used to pray that bring to me whatever is best for me. This way, I was also prepared for c-sec.

  • No matter what you want, it’s important to think about both the options so that you never end up having a surprise.

  • I’d advise to stay calm and positive so that everything happens as you want.

So, this is my pregnancy journey. I hope you may extract some useful information or tips from this. I am also planning to write about my labor experience and how I managed everything. I hope I get the time to do that soon.

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