If you got issues, I got tissues for your issues. So, grab one, clean off your running nose, stop crying over trivial matters, wear high heels and join this site that is all about lifestyle blogging without being plastic!

I am raw like organic food, no chemical treatments! Just like me, my blog focuses on real problems from a real girl's world and discusses real solutions. 

Let's face it, in this roller coaster of life, we all got immense choices and issues. Red lipstick or plum; leather leggings or shalwars; pasta or papa, chandelier or lantern; just a kiss on his cheeks or . . . . . . . . . ooops, let's just skip this one and admit that be it fashion, beauty, food, home or relationship, we all face many problems and choices in almost every aspect of our lives. 

Guiness Book of World Record people contacted me to declare me a person with the most number of problems, but I turned them down. I knew that I will climb this mountain of problems. So, as I am moving from one phase of my life to another, I am learning everyday and dealing with all the issues like a boss! One step at a time!!! 

I created this blog to document and share all the best things I am getting to learn and all the best things that I know.